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Back to nature

We hope you will find inspiration for a lovely day in the open air in and around the city of Aalborg. Whether you have a day, several days or just half an hour, you can find interesting experiences here.

Aalborg is particularly proud to present a wealth of beautiful nature experiences. We hope that you will find the inspiration needed to use Aalborg's green areas.


Østerådal North and  Østerådal South are two beautiful areas of the countryside offering a host of recreational options. Signposted footpaths guide the visitor to various charming points - most of which can also be reached by bicycle. North Østerådal is a land reclamation project for the meadowland around Østerå and is located about 3 km from the centre of Aalborg. The area measures approximately 100 hectares which stands out like a green wedge connecting the open countryside with the city centre. During the summer months the wet areas of Østerådal are abundant with frogs, water voles and small fish that attract an abundance of grey herons from their breeding colonies on the banks of the Limfjord. The last 15 years have witnessed the re-establishment of many smaller areas of countryside in the southern part of Østerådal. These include the recreated meandering of Østerå, stream restoration, and the establishment of shallow bird lakes. Østerådal is only partly owned by Aalborg municipality, so you must keep to the tracks and footpaths when you explore the area. In this map you can see learn more about Østerådal North (Danish).


It only takes a few minutes to sail from Aalborg across the Limfjord to the island of Egholm. The island measures 605 hectares. Though most of the land of the island is used for agriculture, the island is also home to exciting flora and fauna. There are three designated public footpaths of various lengths which lead visitors to the island's areas of natural beauty. The most westward vantage point of the island is also one of the most desolated and "wild" areas of countryside in greater Aalborg. This part of Egholm with its shallow fjord area constitutes a particularly valuable part of an international conservation area between Egholm and Gjøl. The mission is to provide migratory birds with an important feeding and nesting site on their journey through Denmark. The vantage point is also a fantastic place to observe spotted seals. At low tide the spotted seals in the Limfjord can frequently be seen basking in the sun on the large rocks above the waterline between Egholm and Fruens Holm. Read more about Egholm near Aalborg... (Danish).

Drastrup Forest

The greatest part of Drastrup Forest is located in Drastrup, Svenstrup and Frejlev on the southwestern outskirts of the city of Aalborg. The forest is located approximately 6 km from the city centre and is one of the city's largest groundwater-created hinterlands. The area has been planted with trees as part of a plan to sustain the quality of Aalborg's groundwater. The forest consists mainly of deciduous trees. Along with conifers, planted ravines, flowering and fruit-bearing bushes, the forest is a great place for an exciting and varied walk with lots of opportunities to experience the diverse animal and plant life of the area. Read more about Drastrup Forest near Aalborg... (Danish).

Lundby Coppice and Lundby Hills

Lundby Coppice and Lundby Hills are located approximately 10 km south east of Aalborg's city centre and cover an area of 134 hectares. The gently rolling Lundby Hills are a network of deep, narrow ravines and steep slopes. The highest points are Alsbjerg and Risbjerg (73 and 83 metres). They offer a fantastic view across Himmerland, right out to the Limfjord, Lundby Coppice to the north, and Hadsund Landevej to the east, and they consist of ancient pasture woodland, mainly oak, but with a scattering of high, slender beech trees. Since 1992 Lundby Coppice has been designated as an area of untouched woodland, where actual farming activity is now prohibited. The south-eastern part of Lundby Coppice has some exciting "summons" woods, consisting of hazel and black alder. The area has three designated public footpaths, ideal for both exercise and nature treks. Read more about Lundby Hills and Coppice near Aalborg... (Danish).

Hammer Hills

Hammer Hills are located about 12 kilometers north of Aalborg and stretches over 1.800 hectares. Hammer Hills is one of the hilliest landscapes in Denmark with loads of forested hills separated by steep ravines. The hills house roe deer, badgers, foxes and butterflies. Read more about Hammer Hills near Aalborg... (Danish).

Poulstrup Lake and Dall Heath

Poulstrup Lake and Dall Heath constitute a protected natural area of 170 hectares with lakes, bogs, commons, woodland and coppice, located approximately 12 kilometres south of Aalborg. Poulstrup Lake is one of the city’s open-access angling sites, where you can catch roach, crucian carp, perch and pike. The area is rich on animal life and has an extremely interesting cultural history. Read more about the area near Aalborg...

Read more about nature in Aalborg Municipality... (Danish).

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