Antique and Second-hand in Aalborg

Antique and second-hand in Aalborg

Shopping in Aalborg does not need to cost a fortune - you can find the best souvenirs and make a scoop in one of Aalborg’s antique- and second-hand stores.

Second-hand scoop

In Aalborg's second-hand stores you will find anything from clothes, shoes, accessories to books, furniture, glass and porcelain. Many of the stores, as for instance Genbrugsland (Second-hand Land) at J.F. Kenndys Plads and Danmission Second-hand Store, have a wide selection of articles while others specialises in certain articles. Blå kors (Blue cross) sells only clothes and shoes while Kirkens Korshær's Child Second-hand (Church Cross Army) sells everything in terms of children's wear, toys, children's furniture and prams.

Unique antiquity

If you are looking for something very unique, then visit one of Aalborg's antique stores. Here you will find everything your heart will desire in terms of antique furniture, books, silverware, glass, porcelain, paintings and much more. Many of the stores are specialised in certain articles so you will easily find what you are looking for.

Silver and royal porcelain

Why don't you visit Aalborg Guld- og Sølvhus (Gold and Silver House) which has a wide range of silverware and royal porcelain. You will find both new and antique articles on the shelves and therefore a good chance to find what you are looking for.

Books, books, books

If you love reading, you will find Pilegaard Second-hand Bookstore and Coin Sale to be a paradise. But don't get scared away by your first impressing – because if you look closer, you will find an endless range of antique books from the floor till the ceiling.

Toys and military

At Tinsoldaten Military-Antique (The Tin Soldier Military-Antique) you will find old boy and girl toys and military collection objects and at Art and Antiquity in Vesteraa you can see both antique and new work of art in terms of paintings, sculptures and much more.

Atmosphere and puzzling treasures

No matter what you are looking for, do yourself a favour and visit Marskantik in Roldgade. The street can be hard to see between the busy stores in Algade but it is a beautiful small alley between Boulevarden and Møllegade. And the small antique store in this alley is definitely worth a visit. If you are on the look for expensive and beautiful porcelain, this is not the place. However, you will be overwhelmed by the special combination of article which is to be found in each corner of this store, the atmosphere in the store and the owners many interesting stories.

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Shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg is like a box of chocolates - one titbit after another pops up! The same applies to Aalborgs shopping life. Aalborg is a pure party for the senses - and the shopping gene!