Vikings on a food mission

At the burial site Lindholm Høje, you will find Café Lindholm – a small café with a great experience to offer. Rene and Thomas are the two Vikings who run the place. In Denmark, Thomas is better known as Madfar (‘Food Dad’ in English).

Their mission is to provide famous food classics with a gastronomic twist, served from one of the best views the Aalborg region has to offer. Lindholm Høje is indeed one of the most beautiful ancient monuments in Denmark with settlements from both the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age. At the site, several hundred stone circles indicate the tombs. In short, the surroundings offer a breath-taking place to enjoy a wonderful meal.

The two Vikings behind the cooking pots are inspired by the beautiful landscape, the view of the Limfjord and the simple life of the Vikings that resided on the site 1000 years ago. The beauty that lies in the changing of the seasons is always present on the plates with all dishes cooked using ingredients of the season from local suppliers. The main ingredient, though, is passion for the good dining experience. Playfulness, curiosity and a fundamental respect for the history of the classic dishes are also important ingredients.

To be sure, the two Vikings express a passion for food and ingredients you don’t see every day. A sneak peek into the kitchen will reveal a fun place to work, which sometimes means seeing Thomas walking around with an entire shank or haunch on his arm. The joy of cooking is evident in the menu where you will find colourful characters like The Happy Pig, Chicken Little and The Mad Cow.

It all makes perfectly sense when you meet these loud and laughing warriors on the battlefield of food – almost like Vikings, right?

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Thomas & René, Food warriors

The joy of good produce and dishes made from scratch are what make Madfar’s and Rene’s clocks tic. The two run the Café Lindholm at one of Aalborg’s best view points ‘Lindholm Høje’, a historical site of the Viking age. They serve their customers with classical dishes with a twist and a shot of spice. Even the menu card presents colorful characters like The Happy Pig, Chicken Little and The Mad Cow. Just a tip.

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