A captain with a passion

Being 73 years old is not an issue when you love what you do. At least ferry captain Kurt Andersen does not plan to retire any time soon.

The ferry operates between Aalborg Vestby and the small island of Egholm, which is located in the Limfjord just west of Aalborg. In just five minutes you can experience the difference between Aalborg’s busy city life and the silence of rural tranquillity.

The contrast between city life and countryside strengthens the feeling that countless daily trips never really becomes dull routine for Kurt. But more importantly, it is about the costumers; both the regulars, whom Kurt knows on a first name basis, and all the people who are making the tiny trip for the very first time.

The little ferry embraces good mood and happy greetings when Kurt stands at the helm or helps cars, cyclists and pedestrians on their way.

Most of Egholm is cultivated, but there is ample opportunity to enjoy the original and beautiful nature of the island. The island's beach is nice and very shallow.

By following a network of trails on the island you can see the viewpoints, and indeed there is a wide view of the waters of the Limfjord and the surrounding countryside. One can eat at the island's restaurant or even stay overnight in shelters. The island is best experienced on foot or by bike.

Every now and then, when there are no customers on board, Kurt turns off the engine and lets the ferry drift quietly with the stream as he watches the city lights and enjoys the silence and the view – almost like Manhattan, right?

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Kurt Andersen, Skipper

There is something very special about sailing the ferry between Egholm and Aalborg. When there are no customers, Kurt enjoys sailing 200 meters out on the water and just let the ferry drift towards Aalborg. The view from the wheelhouse is amazing with all the lights, the water looking smooth as a mirror and of course – the silence. Just a tip.

Kurt's best Aalborg-tip:

- The Fjord

- Vestre Fjordpark

- Shopping

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