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Inspired by the life of a Danish news reporter Ulla Terkelsen, the café Ulla Terkelsen London is a colourful institution of diversity. Whoever you are, this place gives you a warm welcome with drinks and dishes that are just as playful as the surroundings.

Helen Jensen is the woman behind the café, and she believes that there is a princess or a playful child hidden in all of us – we just have to open up and let it out. This is exactly what she does herself in her quest for creating a cosy space; she gives people a little bit of herself.

Helen has created this unique café in one of Aalborg’s historical buildings, and here you can experience a little bit of everything. From the minute you step inside, every sense is brought to life with an array of colours, scents, the humming of talking people and laughter. Even the house menu begins by listing 10 humoristic commandments - for example “Laugh loud and long”, “Put your feet up” and “Lose all inhibitions”.

If you ask Helen what the theme of the café’s interior decoration is, the answer is “I simply do what I feel like”. This mind-set is peculiarly consistent with the atmosphere that fills the very charming universe. Here, you will find playing children, working students and business people out for lunch. Everyone is welcome. As Helen says, “Ulla Terkelsen reports from every corner of the world covering both war and royal weddings, so her work represents the multiple aspects of our society – a diversity we want to embrace”.

When visiting Ulla Terkelsen London, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with the magic of the place. It incites you to celebrate life and joy in an Eldorado of colours and smiles – almost like Mardi Gras, right?

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Helen Jensen, café owner

You can be a part of Helens universe at the charming café Ulla Terkelsen London placed in the western end of Aalborg. Just a tip.

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