We wish to share our city with you

No offence. When choosing travel destinations, we tend to get seduced by idyllic pictures and sweet talk. But we all know, that the real beauty of a city lies within the people who create it. Real people with real lives. People who share a passion and a strive to give their guests something special to take home with them. And people who come together in creating a city with something genuine to offer.

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Helen Jensen

Helen Jensen, Café owner

Whoever you are, this place gives you a warm welcome with drinks and dishes, that are just as playful as the surroundings.

Kurt Andersen, skipper

There are only five minutes of travel between Aalborg's busy city life and the silence of rural tranquillity.

Thomas & Rene

Thomas & René, Food warriors

At the burial site of Lindholm Høje you will find Café Lindholm – a small café with a great experience to offer.

Kenneth Madsen

Kenneth Madsen, Zoo keeper

Every day Kenneth takes care of Bibi, Maj and Tanja in Aalborg Zoo - a job which is both extremely giving and very dangerous.

Lars Bonde, Gallery owner

Lars Bonde, Gallery owner

You see it already from the outside. Two walls decorated with street art. No wonder the name of the art gallery is VÆG, which means ‘wall’ in Danish.

We share Aalborg

We are passionate about sharing our city. But be careful. Sharing is contagious.