Activities in Aalborg

Aalborg is full of activities all year round. Whether you like action and fun or cosiness and comfort, Aalborg has something great to offer.

Activities in Aalborg

Activities in Aalborg

In Aalborg you can find things to do all year round. Whether you’re into action, fun or relaxation, then Aalborg offers a host of opportunities.

Visit the Funcenter and try racing on a toilet, sumo wrestling, paintball and much more – or relax in one of the indoor swimming pools, like the one called Haraldslund.

You can try and experience countless things in Aalborg. 

Activities in Aalborg

Activities in Aalborg

Aalborg is filled with so many experiences. Whether you like action related activities or prefer tranquility and quiet strolls, Aalborg offers you exactly the experience you wish for.

Leo's Legeland in Aalborg

Leo's Legeland (play centre) in Aalborg

Leo's Legeland (play centre) is a great experience for the entire family. An enormous play centre, where you can play, relax and have hours of fun.

Tiger i Aalborg Zoo i nyt rovdyrsanlæg

Tigers and lions in a new area

I Aalborg Zoo you can meet the rare, Asian lion and experience the Sumatran tiger playing on land and in the water in their new beautiful area that opened in 2012. See more about Aalborg Zoo’s predators here...

The savannah in Aalborg Zoo

The African Village in Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo goes African. The authentic surroundings make visitors feel as if they are actually roaming the Dark Continent amongst the wildlife. The animals look, sound and smell differently than you are used to in other zoos.

Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is the most popular attraction of Aalborg. Here you'll get the chance to meet around 1,600 animals in lovely green surroundings. Here you can see happy animals from all over the world in the wonderful gardens.

Mountain bike in Aalborg

Full speed on a mountain bike

Are you into challenges, excitement and would also like to experience the nature around Aalborg? If so, you can take a mountain bike trip on the newly formed mountain bike routes around Aalborg.

Canoeing on Limfjorden

Kayak experiences

To sail a kayak is the perfect way to experience nature at the Limfjord.

Aalborg Cable Park

A day filled with adrenaline in the Cable Park

Haraldslund Swimming and Culture Centre

In the western part of Aalborg you find Haraldslund Swimming and Culture Centre, which houses an indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, a library and conference rooms for the citizens of Aalborg.  

Fishing in the water by Aalborg

Go fishing

You will find many good fishing spots that invite you to have a good outdoor experience at Limfjorden and Aalborg Coast.

Golf in Aalborg

Hole in one

Aalborg and Aalborg Coast offer a number of good golf experiences.

Go-kart World

Get a fun experience with your friends in Go-kart World in Svenstrup

Activities at the Waterfront

There are many activities at the Waterfront

Bowling in Aalborg

Seaport - Café and Bowling

Seaport- Café and Bowling is a nice and modern bowling alley.