Action & fun

Do you like action and fun when you are on vacation then take a look at these activities in Aalborg...

For those who just love water...

Are you crazy about water? If so, Svømmeland is just the place for you. Svømmeland is a large swimming centre with a 50m pool, baby pool, a 44 meters waterslides, hot water pool and a cave with bobbles and waterfall.

I Aalborg’s western part you will find Haraldslund Water- and Cultur House. You can take a swim in their 25 metres swimming pool, jump from 1 and 3 meters seesaws, or take the children to the children - and baby pool together with different saunas. 

Take a dive in Aalborg

There is nothing like a nice swim when the weather is good. If you like to swim, Vestre Fjordpark (Outdoor swimming pool) is the place for you. Aalborg Friluftsbad is placed in Aalborg’s green western part directly next to the fjord and where the water from the fjord runs directly into the basin.  

At the harbour near Jomfru Ane Parken you will find Aalborg harbour pool where you can swim in the Limfjord. It also has a seesaw both 3 and 5 meters and moreover a play- and children basin.

For the curious...

If you want to know more about the world around you or just want to experience almost 1600 exciting and threatening animals from all over the worlds, do not miss a visit at Aalborg Zoo. Here you can, among others, see the beautiful polar bear area with polar bears both over and under water or visit the great African Savannah with the tall and impressive giraffes, zebras and ostriches. Please remember to say hallo to the monkeys, the elephants, the hippopotamus, surikats, the bears, the wolves and all the other animals in Aalborg Zoo. And do not forget our playground and to visit our friendly goats.

In the western part of Aalborg, you will find a complete exhibition of the country's total defence at Aalborg Defence- and Garrison Museum. You can go to the huge hangar where you can see and touch combat vehicles, cars, motorbikes, airplanes and other material from the army, the air force, the home guard, the police and the National Rescue Preparedness Corps. Beside this, you can see uniforms, cannons and much more…

Action for the whole family in Aalborg

Do you want to spend a nice time with your family then Seaport is a good choice. Here you can bowl or play pool and when you get hungry, buy some food in the restaurant. There is also a possibility of establishing bowling for children. At Aalborg Mini Golf Lane you can elect the best mini golf player. At Gokart World you can race for the best driver at the 400 metre long lane.  

Break a sweat…

If you like to roller skate you should try Aalborg’s outdoor skating area at Åbo Plads. The skating area has permanent ramps and lots of challenges for both beginners and trained.

Enjoy the winter in Aalborg

During winter, you can bring your family to Aalborg’s big outdoor ice rink - in the heart of the city. You can rent skates or bring your own. The lane is placed at the beautiful C.W. Obels Plads which is surrounded by cosy cafés where you can get a hot cup of chocolate or coffee. 

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Play at Aalborg's waterfront

At Jomfru Ane Parken you will find an activity area with room for playing games and other. These is a small kiosk next to it where you can rent different equipment as for instance balls, hockey equipment, rackets, croquet equipment, petanque and huge Mikado. 

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Fishing in the middle of Aalborg

It is allowed to fish at the harbor in Aalborg and you can for instance catch garfish and herrings. Along the Limfjord there are fin fishing areas and put & take lakes.

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