Aalborg waterfront

Aalborg's waterfront has recently undergone a thorough renovation. It was once Aalborg's industrial heart, but its shipyards and heavy industries had mostly died out by the 1980s. Thus began the waterfront's transformation into a cultural quarter. Now you can experience the world-class architecture, exciting cuisine and cozy cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The waterway – the Limfjord – separates northernmost Denmark from the rest of the Jutland peninsula. Long ago, this was a highway for Viking longboats. Aalborg's roots hail from this era; it was first settled, here at the Limfjord's narrowest point, around AD700. 

Take a stroll - see for yourself and enjoy Europe's happiest city!

Architecture on the Waterfront

At the waterfront in Aalborg you can experience great new architecture like the Utzon Center and the House of Music, which is designed by the international acclaimed design firm, Coop Himmelb(l)au. You can also visit the newly renovated power plant Nordkraft, which is one of the most impressive houses of culture in Europe. 

Take a stroll for yourself and enjoy Europe's happiest city!

The Utzon Center in Aalborg

The Utzon Center - Inspired by the Harbor

In the Utzon Center, architecture, design and art plays together with exhibitions, teaching, conferences, meetings and culinary experiences.

The House of Music

The House of Music

Welcome to Aalborg's new house of music. Here you can get many great musical experiences and enjoy the beautiful House of Music, which is one of the most impressive structures in Aalborg's recent history.

Nordkraft in Aalborg

Nordkraft - where the past meets the future

Experience the waterfront in Aalborg and see how the past meets the future

Restaurants on Aalborg's Waterfront

Flavour on Aalborg's Waterfront

Aalborg's waterfront offers many great, gastronomical experiences. Visit a boat restaurant, have a snack on the boardwalk or enjoy a panorama-view of the harbor from one of the waterfront restaurants.

The waterfront in Aalborg

Take a Walk Along the Waterfront

A walk along Aalborg's newly renovated waterfront offers a wide range of different experiences.

Aalborg Street Food

Aalborg Street Food - The Lighthouse is Aalborg's first permanent Street Food market. Here you can enjoy gastronomical experiences produced from local ingredients. 

RIB-IT speed boats in Aalborg

RIB-IT Speed Boats

Get an adrenaline rush in a fast speedboat...