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Aalborg Zoo's impressive predator area

The impressive predator area in Aalborg Zoo has made life easier and much more comfortable for the Zoo’s tigers and lions. Compared to the old area, the tigers and lions now live a life of luxury. And visitors will now have the opportunity to see the animals feel almost at home.

At Aalborg Zoo, you can experience the spectacular predator area for the zoo's lions and tigers. The area has two enclosures – one for the tigers and one for the lions. You can look forward to a unique opportunity to watch these animals in surroundings similar to their naural habitat. The animals can be experienced in three dimensions in the area – observe the tigers from the high towers above the area, meet the lions at eye level from the underground tunnel, or watch the animals from the twisted jungle tracks that take you around the area. 

The area, which opened in 2012, is very modern compared to the traditional rectangular style, as the enclosures' outer area is filled with offset fences, windows to look through, beddings, and all sorts of  crooked angles. The outer fence is a mix of high trunks in polished robinia, steel fences, artificial rocks and windows.

The tigers' area is planted with larger trees and undergrowth that simulate the forest areas in which these animals usually live, as well as open areas with ponds and small creeks. The lions' part of the area is more open with smaller plants and only a few large trees as this will remind them of the area they normally live in.

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Sumatra tigers and Asian lions

In the new predator area you can meet the two new Sumatra tigers, the male Kim and the female Batu, together with the two new Asian female lions, Kanya and Keladi. 

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Just ask the animal keeper

Do you have a question about the animals in Aalborg Zoo? Just ask the zookeepers. They have all taken a course in communication.

In Aalborg Zoo you can not just look at the animals, but also learn about their life and the consequence that changes in climate and environment has on the animals.

Aalborg Zoo wants to share their knowledge with their guests – and tell the good story about the animals. Also, you can learn more about about the animals via webcam, if you visit the Aalborg Zoo website.