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Aalborg in numbers

Here you will get some facts about Aalborg and find the latest number of overnights for the hotels in Aalborg...
  • Aalborg is Denmark’s 4. biggest city and Aalborg Municipality is the country’s 3. biggest
  • 213.589 people live in Aalborg Municipality
  • There are daily 36 flight connections between Aalborg and Copenhagen
  • About 600.000 stayed in hotels in Aalborg Municipality
  • Aalborg University was found in 1974 and has 20.211 students (2018)

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The most visited attractions in Aalborg
  • Aalborg Zoo
  • Utzon Center
  • Kunsten - the museum of modern art
  • Lille Vildmosecentret
  • Lindholm Høje
  • Aalborg Defence & Garrison Museum
  • Aalborg Historical Museum
  • Aalborg Tower
  • The Franciscan Friary Museum
  • Springeren
  • Hals Museum
  • Godthåb Hammerværk