Aalborg for Two

Aalborg is perfect for a small vacation for two - or more...
The city has all the ingredients needed to ensure a successful - and maybe romantic - stay. Pleasant streets, beautiful old houses, lovely museums and attractions, fine dining and good shopping possibilities. You can experience a lot of the city in a few hours but a day or two is definitely preferable. Enjoy your stay!

Par i Aalborg

Reviving Romance in Aalborg

We have a few tips and ideas for romantic surroundings and experiences. You just have to create the romantic moments yourselves...

Mortens Kro in Aalborg

We Who Enjoy Life

If the art of living the good life for you and your partner include living life to its fullest and appreciating a good dinner, a concert experience or a night cap in a cosy pub, then you will love this page...

A guys' trip to Aalborg

A Guys' Trip to Aalborg

Take a trip to Aalborg with one of your buddies and have a day filled with cool experiences.

Girlfriends enjoying Aalborg

Girlfriends Enjoying Aalborg

Aalborg is a party for the senses and the shopping gene. Bring a girlfriend along on a trip filled with shopping, relaxation and experiences.

Aalborg for Two - But Who?

There are several options, but here, we have chosen several different compositions, which we hope will inspire you. You can find tips for the romantic mood and for spoiling your sweetheart or ideas for a trip with your friend. Have a look - and enjoy!