Aalborg Akvavit

Aalborg Akvavit

Aalborg is the city of schnapps. Since 1881, akvavit and schnapps has been produced in the city and at the destillery that was erected in 1931. The production moved from Aalborg to Norway in 2015.

In the Aalborg akvavit-family there are 14 different kind of schnapps and akvavitts. Among others there are Aalborg Taffel Akvavit, Brøndum Schnapps, Harald Jensen Akvavit, Aalborg Myrica gale Schnapps and the annual Aalborg Christmas Akvavit.

Buy schnapps and akvavit and take it home

You can buy schnapps and akvavit in every supermarket and at wine merchants you can be introduced to a whole "gallery" or all the different kinds seperately - as simple as that. In addition to this belongs a real schnapps glass, which can be bought in for example Salling Aalborg.

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Enjoy it from a real schnapps glass

Enjoy your Aalborg Akvavit from a real schnapps glass, which you among other places can buy at Aalborgs artists.

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