10 tips for new students in Aalborg

On this page, we give you an overview og your new study city, with inspiration for places to discover Aalborg. We hope you will have a fantastic time in the happiest city in Europe. 

Ny studerende i Aalborg
Discover Aalborg

Tip 1. Here you can see what happens in Aalborg

Interested in being up to date on the events in Aalborg?
We have created a site in which you can find an overview of the highlights in your new city!

Ålborg Beerwalk

Tip 2. Aalborg Beerwalk

Do you wish to find you new favourite location for enjoying you beer?
Then Aalborg Beerwalk is perfect for you!

Street Art in Ålborg

Tip 3. Street Art Walk

Would you like to experience the beautiful street art in Aalborg?
Then Aalborg Street Art Walk will guide you through!

Places to eat brunch in Aalborg

Tip 4. The best places to enjoy your brunch

Do you wish to familiarise yourself with the best places to enjoy your brunch?
Here we have compiled a list of the best places!

Nightlife in Aalborg

Tip 5. Experience the nightlife in Aalborg

Are you going out with you new fellow students?
Here you will find a list of inspiration or your next night out in Aalborg!

Places to shop in Aalborg

Tip 6. Here you find the best places to go shopping

Are you searching for information about the shopping possibilities in your new city?
Here is a site, which gives you an overview of the best places to shop in Aalborg

Free experiences in Aalborg

Tip 7. Free experiences

Do you wish to get an overview of free experiences in Aalborg?
Here you will find a list of exciting things to do, without charge!

Events and concerts in Aalborg

Tip 8. Events and concerts in Aalborg

Are you looking for inspiration for what to do in the evenings?
Have a look at the website of the Student House for ideas!

Visit in Aalborg

Tip 9. Visitors from home

Do you get visitors from home, whom you would like to show around in your new city?
Here we have made an overview of suggestions for you as a host in your new city!

Hobbys in Aalborg

Tip 10. Nurture your interests and hobbys

Would you like to proceed pracitising what you did at home, or find new things to do in your sparetime?
We have compiled a list of suggestions for you as a new student in Aalborg!