Taste of Aalborg

Photo: Michael Damsgaard

Aalborg is brimming with gastronomic experiences, and new eateries are constantly flourishing. In addition to Aalborg’s large selection of gourmet restaurants, you’ll find a wide range of more budget-friendly eateries. Aalborg’s charm is that it has something to offer for every taste.

Aalborg is brimming with gastronomic experiences, and new eateries are constantly flourishing. The city’s many restaurants have come under the magnifying glass by food critics several times, and a number of the most recognized restaurants – including Restaurant Applaus, Mortens Kro, Restaurant Tabu, Textur and Restaurant Fusion – are even showcased in the renowned restaurant guide, “White Guide”. In addition to Aalborg’s large selection of gourmet restaurants, you’ll find a wide range of more budget-friendly eateries. Aalborg’s charm is that it has something to offer for every taste.

Gastronomy along the waterfront

In recent years, Aalborg’s waterfront has transformed from an industrial area to today being dominated by green spaces, cultural gems and inviting harbor baths. The waterfront is always full of life and has left its mark with scores of mouthwatering dining options along the water. Many of the waterfront restaurants differ significantly, but they all have one thing in common – one of the city’s best locations right on the waterfront.

For one thing, it’s possible to enjoy a well-prepared meal while taking in the fjord either outdoors or inside Bistro V, which is located in the heart of Aalborg by the fountain at Toldbods Plads. Bistro V is a part of Bryghuset Vendia in Hjørring, which is one of the most well-known restaurants in Denmark – and this is reflected in Bistro V’s high quality.

To the east, past Aalborghus Castle and Slotsparken, Restaurant JØRN is located in the architecturally well-known setting of the Utzon Center. Overlooking Honnørkajen, Restaurant JØRN serves delicacies in a class of its own made from seasonal, fresh ingredients.

Just behind Restaurant JØRN is the small Aalborgian gem Hos Isidor Henius. Here, the spirit of Danish distilleries is combined with red checkered tablecloths, grandma’s blue fluted service and Madam Blue. Among other things, the menu offers a true taste of Aalborg in the form of traditional Danish smørrebrød (open sandwiches) and aquavit.

If you’re in search of true Aalborgian gourmet gems, don’t forget to pay a visit to Musikkens Spisehus in Musikkens Hus. The fjord-facing restaurant offers a wide selection of simple, high-quality dishes made from local produce and served in an informal setting that can be enjoyed on the waterfront.

The family restaurant, Restaurant Sanya, which is also located in Musikhuskvarteret, is also worth a visit. Restaurant Sanya is extremely popular and can boast the title of the city’s largest Asian restaurant. Don’t be afraid to try out the popular buffet, which has freshly prepared sushi, Mongolian barbecue, a large selection of Chinese dishes, a large salad bar, fresh fruit, coffee and tea.

New dining options in Vesterå

Vesterå is a true treasure trove of dining experiences and definitely worth a visit for foodies. Like the rest of Aalborg, the restaurant and café industry flourishes in the popular food street, where new restaurants constantly open their doors. For example, North Jutland’s first vegan restaurant Ubat Veggie has opened its doors to a universe in which tasty harvested crops and the region’s well-known dairy products are the main focus. A stone’s throw away, the café chain Marcellos has moved in with Café Min Olivia, which offers an 800 gram burger, brunch buffet and dessert tapas, just to name a few.

Further up Vesterå, Aalborg’s sizzling restaurant Textur has opened its sister restaurant Struktur Restaurant & Cocktailbar, where there is ample opportunity to tantalize your taste buds and indulge in both food and drinks at affordable prices. One of the three owners of the newly opened restaurant has roots in the popular Café Vesterå, which is located in the adjacent building. Here you can never go wrong in the city with a menu that has both large and small stomachs in mind.

Pantry at C.W. Obels Plads

In the heart of Aalborg is C. W. Obels Plads, which is a cozy open space with green trees and cobblestones. The historic site provides the setting for a wide variety of cafes and restaurants. The majority of the eateries in the area have been there for many years, and it proves that both locals and tourists alike love to have a meal in the square, whether the sun is shining or sheltered from the weather indoors.

C. W. Obels Plads is characterized, in particular, by its unique café environment. A large selection of cafés include Café Vi2, which serves everything from juicy burgers to sumptuous ‘stjerneskud’ and Klostertorvet, which offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere with its charming decor on three levels, not to mention a flying piano in the ceiling. In a small courtyard to C. W. Obels Plads is the beautiful Brix Gaard, where the Italian delicatessen La Bottega is located. The place belongs to the exquisite restaurant La Locanda dei Liberati, which also offers authentic Italian quality cuisine. Nabopladsen Gammel Torv also houses the lunch spot Caféen, which previously won the award for the City’s Best Burger.

Back at C. W. Obels Plads there is also a wealth of recommendable restaurants that are definitely worth a trip. When you get hungry, you can visit the French brasserie Brdr. Price, where the highly sought after cuisine has a certain “like mama used to make it” twist, or Pingvin - Verdenstapas, which offers multi-ethnic tapas, ranging from the north to the Mediterranean in the east and to South America.

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