Dreng på strand

The Coast Calls

Photo: VisitAalborg

Not far from lively Aalborg you’ll find a breathing space along the coast. Here, the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life can be replaced by peaceful moments with your family. Scenic surroundings and a wealth of activities for the children make Aalborg Coast.

Aalborg Coast is one of the few places in Denmark that suits all kinds of moments. You’ll never grow bored at Aalborg Coast unless the plan itself is a getaway. In which case, you’ll be in the right place if you’re looking for long walks along the beach, where your mind can be at ease and your body can find peace.

Choice of accommodation on the coast

The contrasts range widely in the coastal area with kid-friendly beaches, quaint towns, scenic surroundings and water activities. The towns of Hals, Egense, Hou, Dokkedal and Ulsted are the focal points in a scenic area that frames Denmark from its most beautiful side.

A wide range of holiday homes can be found in Hals and Hou, where nature, well-being and location go hand in hand. Enjoy having your very own oasis on the easygoing east coast where you’re not bound by duties. With carefully selected partners, the quality is top notch and there are holiday homes for every taste.

There are also several campsites near to Hals, Hou, Egense and Storvorde. Here you can form friendships in a cozy atmosphere, and the kids can get new playmates with an abundance of different fun activities at the campsites. On the other hand, if romance is paramount, it’s definitely worth considering accommodation at the charming Hals Hotel close to the beach.

Historical Hals

Hals has a significant historical importance due to the town’s geographical location just off the mouth of the Limfjord in Kattegat. In the Viking Age, Hals was the setting for some significant battles. These areas can be seen, e.g., a few kilometers north of Hals in Winthers Plantage. Here you can find out why the famous Viking Guld Harald ended his days with what is today called Guld Haralds Høj. It is a stupendous story that will fascinate both children and adults alike.

Standing inside the mouth of a blue whale has pretty much become a must-do photo to post on Instagram or Facebook. At the town square in Hals you’ll find the town’s landmark, thewhale jaw, which attracts tourists from near and far. The sheer size of the whale’s enormous jaw bones amazes most.

In the summer, the Port of Hals exudes Danish holiday atmosphere at its best. The port environment comes alive with live music and outdoor dining at the many eateries. Here you can enjoy the view over the Limfjord and Kattegat with specialties from the sea on your plate. Visit, e.g., Restaurant Havkatten, which is located right on the water and offers an array of culinary temptations.

If you are in Hals, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the small fishing village Egense. Every ten minutes a ferry sails from Hals to Egense, where, among other things, you can experience a very special sandy bathing beach. In 2005, the 250 m long artificial stretch was built with a snorkel trail – rope under water – so you can get the hang of snorkeling.

Fishing Village Hou

The quaint fishing village Hou is a must-see when you come to the coast. You won’t find more authentic Danish summer coziness than in the area at Hou Port. When summer rolls around, there are lively and happy days in this area, which prides itself on having East Jutland’s best-placed marina.

The nicest beach in these parts is the beach in Hou. Just around the corner from the marina you’ll find chalk-white sand and rolling dunes. You really get the feeling that Denmark’s east coast has some of Northern Europe’s finest and most kid-friendly beaches. There’s no need to worry about strong currents or high waves when it comes to the kids. They can wade really far out before the water even reaches their navel. The beach is also ideal for taking a quick morning dip, where you can also watch the sun rise over Hou’s idyllic surroundings or go amber hunting on Hou Nordstrand.

If the weather doesn’t allow for swimming and beach trips, you can go for a ride in the pleasant pine forest and recharge your energy or rent a kayak and slip through the calm waters with the gulls’ caws as the only background sound. Every day during the summer season, Hou Port is also buzzing with life when a fleamarket is held. In the port area you will also find the Vindharpen, where you can listen carefully to the sounds of the west winds.

When you get hungry, Skovgaards Raaling Restaurant is worth a visit. You can have dessert at the marina with a classic old-fashioned ice cream cone, while you take in everything from the local fishing boats to exquisite foreign yachts. The ice cream shop, the marina and the adjoining kid’s playground allow for plenty of quality family time.

Kid-friendly nature experiences

If you love nature, Lille Vildmose (Little Wild Bog) is a splendid landscape to wander around. Here you’ll also find Lille Vildmosecentret, which is most definitely a land of milk and honey for families with kids, since there are many exciting activities, one of which is taking a flight in an eagle simulator showing the Vildmose as seen from an eagle’s eye view. You can also get up close to a piece of Danish history in Vildmose, because after an absence of some 5,000 years, Elk have finally returned to roam the Danish nature. In 2015, a handful of Swedish elk calves were released in Lille Vildmose in an attempt to restore the elk population in Denmark. In 2017, a bull elk was added to the pack, and since then they have multiplied, so that, today, there are 16 elk in Lille Vildmose.

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