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Photo: VisitAalborg

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Media Archive

Hent billeder fra Aalborg til brug i forbindelse med markedsføring af Aalborg som rejsemål. Download photos from Aalborg for promotional use for Aalborg as a traveldestination.

About us

VisitAalborg is the official tourism organization of Aalborg, who contribute to the development of tourism in Aalborg. VisitAalborg works with the marketing of Aalborg as a holiday destination as well as a congress- and conference city.

Inspiration articles

Aalborg – a cozy little big city

Aalborg’s industrial heritage is a key element in its identity as an experience city – from the concrete in Musikkens Hus to the street art on old factory buildings and cruise ships on the waterfront. Aalborg never stands still and never forgets its past.

Aalborg – rich in experiences

City life and events - Aalborg offers a wealth of experiences for young and old.

Taste of Aalborg

Aalborg is brimming with gastronomic experiences, and new eateries are constantly flourishing. In addition to Aalborg’s large selection of gourmet restaurants, you’ll find a wide range of more budget-friendly eateries. Aalborg’s charm is that it has something to offer for every taste.

Aalborg Street Art

From gray concrete walls to colorful street art.

Aalborg Waterfront

In recent years, Aalborg’s waterfront has undergone a major transformation from the city’s bustling industrial heart to an oasis in the city center with world-class architecture, tantalizing gastronomy and cozy city atmosphere.

The Coast Calls

Not far from lively Aalborg you’ll find a breathing space along the coast. Here, the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life can be replaced by peaceful moments with your family. Scenic surroundings and a wealth of activities for the children make Aalborg Coast.

Facts about Aalborg

Aalborg is Denmark’s 4. biggest city and Aalborg Municipality is the country’s 3. biggest
213.589 people live in Aalborg Municipality
There are daily 36 flight connections between Aalborg and Copenhagen
About 600.000 stayed in hotels in Aalborg Municipality
Aalborg University was found in 1974 and has 20.211 students (2018)