Skagen – Grenen

Skagen - the top of Denmark

Skagen is one of Denmark's most popular holiday destinations. One of its many attractions is the very special light that glimmers over the town. It was an inspiration for the famous Skagen painters, who flocked to the town 100 years ago.

Since then, millions of tourists have visited Skagen, attracted not only by the sunshine, but also by the countryside, the beaches, the atmosphere, the old, yellow houses and the bustle of the harbours with their excellent restaurants and cafés. Skagen is also famous for being the city that has the sunniest hours in Denmark. And with its unique nature and the many white sand beaches, Skagen is a very popular holiday destination.

The places where the two seas meet

At Grenen, a few kilometres north of the town, you can stand with each of your feet in a different sea. It is here, at the northernmost tip of Jutland, that the Kattegat meets the Skagarak. Here you can jump on “Sandormen”, which is a ride that takes you to Grenen.

Skagen’s white sand beaches

On both sides of Grenen, you will find child-friendly and beautiful beaches. There may be big waves and powerful currents along the beaches of the ”Skagerrak” to the west. You can still sunbath, play in the sand and water but you have to be careful. The ”Kattegat” beaches to the east are milder and more child-friendly. You will often find shelter on the coast as the wind is not as strong as on the west coast.

Both beaches have the “Blue flag”. “Blue flag” beaches are kept completely free from rubbish, and there are toilets, emergency telephones, first-aid boxes, and life-saving equipment.

Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile covers a 2 km2 area and is Denmark’s larges drifting dune. The dune moves about 15 meters every year due to the wind. On the top of the dune, you will find a great view point.

Skagen also offers many other exciting experiences for the whole family.

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The Marguerite route

The Marguerite Route is a country-wide scenic route that takes you past more than 200 of Denmark's top attractions and through some of the country's most picturesque scenery. So head out by car or by bike and experience the very best Denmark has to offer.

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Latitude: 57.746028