Nationalpark Thy
Nationalpark Thy

National Park Thy

The wind on the west coast can be quite strong in this corner of Denmark. which together have resulted in a unique landscape of dune, heaths and forest, in this rugged and beautiful part of Thy. 

The national park is 24,370 hectares, stretching up to 12 km inland, along the west coast, from Agger Tange in the south to Hanstholm in the north. The national park includes coastal dunes, dunes, dune plantations and large lakes, and bound together by less extensive agriculture areas. It is especially dunes and dune heaths that are of great national and international importance.

The unique landscape, the natural diversity and enviornment is very rare and has therefore earned its title of "National Park", in 2008. 

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Surfing on the west coast of Thy

Along the west coast of Thy, there are multiple opportunities for surfing. Actually is the nickname of Thy's west coast: "Cold Hawaii", since it is one of  the best surfing spots in Europe. The powerful waves and the strong wind on this coast makes it easy for surfers to "ride a wave".

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Longitude: 8.419626

Latitude: 56.956314