Læsø - in the middle of Kattegat

With its seaweed roofs and white sandy beaches, Læsø is placed beautiful in Kattegat. Læsø is Kattegat’s largest island and is known for having maintained its beautiful and untouched nature.

On Læsø you will find activities for everyone and Læsø is a great place for a family trip. On Læsø you will find something for those who love action and speed, for those who loves a more quite tempo and for those who are interested in history.

On the beach

Læsø is surrounded by a wide beach – almost all around. There are beaches special suited for families with small children and beaches for families with a bit older children as the water gets deep fast. More places on the beach you will be able to see big colonies of seals that are sunbathing on the beach.

On bike

Læsø is a great place for a family to bring their bikes – there is a beautiful nature, small roads, exciting activities and almost no hills. It is possible to rent bikes on the island so it is easy to take the ferry and spend a day on bike around Læsø.

On safari trip

Take an exciting family-safari-trip through some of Læsø’s preserved areas. In a big vehicle, you will be transported through Læsø and to the island Hornfiskrøn together with more stops at different attractions.

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Læsø Ferry

The Læsø Ferry sails between Læsø and Frederikshavn and the crossing time is about 90 minutes. The Læsø Ferry recommends different 1-day trips to Læsø where you can visit Læsø by car, by bus or by bike. The ferry goes about four times a day so you can easily spend a whole day on Læsø. 

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The Marguerite route

The Marguerite Route is a country-wide scenic route that takes you past more than 200 of Denmark's top attractions and through some of the country's most picturesque scenery. So head out by car or by bike and experience the very best Denmark has to offer.

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Longitude: 11.020639

Latitude: 57.27395