Autumn in Aalborg Fjordland

Autumn in Aalborg Fjordland

On this page we have gathered suggestions for things to do in Aalborg Fjordland during Autumn.

On this page we have gathered suggestions for things-to-do in the Danish nature during Autumn.

Autumn in Aalborg Fjordland

During the autumn you’ll see the forest and the countryside change its colours into beautiful spectres. The weather is a bit rainier and some might find it grey and sad – but not Danes.  But why sit inside when the rain pit and gray weather can quickly disappear from your thoughts and transform into a pleasant day in a beautiful natural environment filled with opportunities for a wonderful experience.

Eat the nature

The woods are full of tasty treats before winter comes: berries, apples, mushrooms and nuts, and in Aalborg fjord country's forests and natural areas you can just throw yourself into it. Below we have served a number of examples of the delights you can find in nature.

Mushroom hunting

Mushrooms are flowers of the fall and they are especially good after a long period of rain. Thus, the fall is good for mushroom hunting. Most species grow in the forest, but there can also be found mushrooms on meadows. Remember that there are many poisonous mushrooms - eat therefore never sponges you do not recognize. If you are in doubt, then we recommend not eating them.

Edible mushrooms

There are lots of mushrooms in the forest which are very delicious. For example, see if you can find mushrooms such as field mushrooms or chanterelles, large trumpet mushroom or bolete – all these are delicious mushrooms for a great autumn meal.


Blackberries are fruits of the blackberry plant. It is composed fruits, which sits on the raised fruit base. Therefore blackberries not actually a berry, but a fruit.

All sprouts bears many thorns, and new sprouts are green and smooth, while the elderly are brown and wrinkled. The leaves are dark green on the upper side, while the underside is gray white, with small spines on the ribs. Each fruit consists of many, interconnected stone fruits. They are first green, then red and finally to violet black.


It is easy to mistaken nuts from acorns, so it is important to notice to which tree you find the nuts under. Hassel or hazelnut must be assembled in the woods and along roads.


Autumn scenery is beautiful and incredibly beautiful. If the sun is shining it is the perfect time to go on a nice hike with the family. Here you can experience nature's beautiful colors.

The nature pathway Nibe-Hvalpsund

The nature pathway cuts through a highly diverse landscape ranging from salt marshes at Nibe, slopes from the Stone Age Sea at Sebber, Halkær River Valleys grazing bed, heath- and plantation landscape north of Aars, agricultural land from Aars to Hvalpsund - and marshes, streams, grasslands, etc. It is Danish nature at its best.


Aalborg Fjordland is perhaps best experienced by bike. The area is intersected by several marked cycling routes, and the many small and intricate paths almost invites you to explore the area on your own. Even though it is a relative small geographic area, it is a very varied landscape with many adventure and accommodation.


Aalborg Fjordland offers many good places to fish, both in the fjord, streams or put-and-take lakes.

Fishing license

Many places require a fishing license, which can be cashed at a post office.

Minimum size for brown trout: 40 cm.

Coloured fallout fish

- must be put back in the water.


Warm, windproof clothing and slightly warm to drink; heat provides more energy for more fishing!


A sea trout is cooked at its best when still quite fresh - preferably the same day as it is caught. Of course, a purified fish frozen for later use, but nothing tops the fresh taste of a newly caught fish.The fish is cleaned, scraped and rinsed thoroughly. Rub with salt inside and out and put in an ovenproof dish with 1 cm of water at the bottom and placed in the oven at 200 degrees. After 45 min. the smoking hot fish is ready to eat.

Denmark is famous for its potatoes, preferably Samsø or Vildmose portatoes, and boiled potatoes with light parsley- or hollandaise sauce, is probably one of the best Danish garnish for this dish.

Bon appetit!