Børglum Kloster set fra nord
Børglum Kloster

Børglum Abbey

Børglum Abbey is the frame of thousand years of history and all this history can still be felt in the corners of the old abbey.

At Børglum Abbey you will find an eventful history that is full of greedy bishops, feared squires, ghosts, love stories, great woman and eccentric estate owners. The most famous resident is Stygge Krumpen who lived a free and merry life at Børglum Abbey.

Despite a somewhat dramatic history, Børglum Abbey is today a beautiful and peaceful abbey which lies beautifully on a hill in a wonderful nature. The owners, the Rottbøll Family, welcome you all year around. You can for instance see the exhibition about H.C. Andersen and his stay on Børglum Abbey.

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The Marguerite route

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Longitude: 9.799354

Latitude: 57.369023