Gigantium Swimming Pool

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Willy Brandts Vej 31

9220 Aalborg Øst


Phone:99 82 46 00

Gigantium indoor swimming pool is located close to the university and the highway. It’s the place to go for swimming lengths, relax, or spend time with friends and family. The wellness area is also worth a visit.

Gigantium indoor swimming pool is a very popular place for families to enjoy a great day of fun, with large windows that gives a good view of the surrounding area. You can also come to participate in different classes like baby swimming or water aerobics. Other facilities include a long slide, pools in different sizes, and a pool with springboards. In the wellness area you will find a sauna, spa, and cold water basin.

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Willy Brandts Vej 31

9220 Aalborg Øst


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