City Syd in Aalborg

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9200 Aalborg SV

If you drive southwest from Aalborg Centrum you will find City Syd, which is Aalborg's major shopping district. Here you can fill the car with everything from furniture and electronics to groceries.

Only 7 km (or 4 miles) south of Aalborg Centrum, is City Syd. A ride that can easily be taken by bike, car or bus. There, you will find stores of all kind as well as North Jutland's largest shopping center; Aalborg Storcenter. If you choose to take the car, there are approximately 4,500 free parking spots in this area.

Shopping giants and all-round shopping

In City Syd you will find shopping giants, such as IKEA, Biltema, Bilka, Plantorama, and Elgiganten. However, there is also a large selection of smaller shops.  

Do not shop on an empty stomach.

There is no need, nor reason, to go shopping in City Syd on an empty stomach. If you get hungry, it is possible to find something to eat at one of the many restaurants and cafés in the area.   

Other activities

It is not only specialty shops and restaurants that can be found in City Syd. Inside the mall ‘Shoppen’, which is located next to Aalborg Storcenter, you will a Nordic Film cinema.

If you need to go grocery shopping, there is a Netto and a Bilka in the area. Bilka is located in Aalborg Storcenter. 



9200 Aalborg SV

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