blokhus strand, hvide badehuse
Blokhus Strand

White beaches on the west coast

All the way from Agger to Skagen in the top of North Jutland, you will find many great sand beaches that are worth a visit all year around. You can swim, fish, collect amber or play in the dunes.

The white sand beaches on the west coast attract many tourists every year. The fresh wind, large waves and dune-covers landscape makes the west coast unique. Keep an eye on the “Blue Flag” which are beaches that are kept completely free from rubbish, and there are toilets, emergency telephones, first-aid boxes, and life-saving equipment. On most places you can easily let your children play on the beach or in the water, but be aware - . there may be big waves and powerful currents compared to the east coast.

More places it is possible to park directly on the beach so it is easy to pack the car for a whole day on the beach.

The west coast is a paradise for many windsurfers as the often strong wind and larges waves makes it possible to surf for trained as well as beginners.

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North Sea Oceanarium

On the west coast you can visit North Europe’s largest aquarium, North Sea Oceanarium, where you together with Skipper and his crew will go on an expedition and explore the North Sea – on land, in the water and to the bed of the North Sea.

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Latitude: 57.255642