strand ved hou i november

White beaches on the east coast

On the east coast you will find some of North Europe’s finest and most child-friendly beaches. The sand is white and fine, the water is clean and the waves are small. The water goes slowly deeper and deeper so the children can easily play in the water.

Opposite the waves on the west coast which are very dominating, the east coast’s waves are small: they sweep sand and clay into the beach so it slowly grows. This result in more small islands near the coast. These islands vary due to tide and wind. This is why the east coast is called a “bar-coast” which means that more and more sand appears which result in small lagoons and small islands. Visitor can therefore be lucky to find their own island for the day.

On the east coast you will also find Denmark’s only Palm Beach by Frederikshavn. This Palm Beach is a child-friendly beach with quite and steady water and you can take a nap under one of the palm trees on the beach.

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The Palm Beach in Frederikshavn

Denmark’s only Palm Beach is placed in Frederikshavn – and that sound crazy. But it is true – the Palm Beach is about 400 m long and you will find shelter due to the dunes and hallows. There is a beachvolly lane on the beach and also in the water together with beach-handball lanes.

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Latitude: 57.044935