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A sustainable stay in Aalborg

Aalborg waterfront

Guide to a sustainable stay in Aalborg

We have gathered some information for making sustainable choices during your stay in Aalborg.


A sustainable stay (pdf)

Sustainable hotels in Aalborg

Comwell Hvide Hus

Green Key hotels in Aalborg

Sustainable experiences in Aalborg

Restaurant Tabu in Aalborg

Restaurants with the Organic Cuisine Label

Aalborg Congress & Culture Center is Denmark's first sustainable event venue


10-minute city

Aalborg is a town that you can get around in quick and efficient. It is possible to walk or bicycle from the city center to Aalborg’s various hotels, restaurants and attractions in no more than 10 minutes.


Aalborg has excellent transport opportunities, e.g. busses fueled by electricity or biogas. You can find all departures and other information in the app: Rejseplanen

When you arrive at Aalborg Airport, there are busses and a train service just outside the airport that will take you to the city center in no more than 15 minutes.

When you arrive at the train station in Aalborg, you are already in the city center as well as two minutes away from Aalborg’s bus terminal, Kennedy Arkaden.

You can find an overview of charging stations for electric vehicles here: opladningsstationerne – just type in Aalborg.

Aalborg has several locations to pick up a citybike. View the locations and find out how to unlock a citybike here: Donkey Bikes.


Accessibility in Aalborg is an effort to create social sustainability where all people regardless of functionality, can move in public spaces including buildings, roads and other facilities, independently.

Please contact VisitAalborg for information on accessibility of the city’s facilities. Alternatively, we suggest that you find information from the individual facilities’ websites or contact them directly with your enquiry.

The label scheme ”God Adgang” (translated: good access) has information on the physical conditions and accessibility in buildings and outdoor areas. At you will find detailed information about businesses and places that are a member of the label scheme.

Nature protection

We encourage everyone to respect and treat nature in the best way possible. That is why we advice you to look up which areas are included in the Natura-2000 protection. The law of nature protection includes a range of provisions concerning general protection of different nature types. Nature-2000 is a term for a network of protected nature, wild animal- and plant species in EU, which are rare, endangered or characteristic of EU and that should be preserved and protected.

A key cornerstone of Natura-2000 is that the authorities in their administration must not implement plans, projects, etc. that could damage species and habitats that the law have been designated to protect.

Natura-2000 areas in Aalborg

Read more about the Natura-2000 areas here.

How can you help protect nature?

On the Danish Nature Agency's website you will find everything about nature protection.

Here you can read about biodiversity, the efforts to stop the decline in nature's diversity and to combat invasive species. You will also find theme pages about Danish forests and their significance for the environment, as well as a species encyclopedia with information about animals and plants in Danish nature.