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Guided tours for groups

Are you in a large group and in need a guided tour of Aalborg? Here is some information about some of the tour guides, which you can find in the area.

Guides in Aalborg

Aalborg Guideforening

Tlf.: 30 42 58 94


The tour guides cover following languages: Danish, german, english, french and italian.

Learn more at Aalborg Guideforenings website...

Aalborg Tours

Tlf.: 60 12 42 29

The tour guides cover following languages: Danish and english - but some of the guides speak other languages aswell.

Learn more at Aalborg Tours website...

Follow Mike

Tlf.: 40 54 42 09


Learn more at Michaels website...

Kristensen Company

Tlf.: 26 25 78 03


Learn more at Krisensen Companys website...

Anne-Lise Schou

Tlf.: 30 13 71 77


Jakob Nørregaard

Tlf.: 25 53 11 81


A unique way to be shown around

What about sightseeing on two wheels? - No we are not talking about scooters or bike, but segway!

Aalborg Segway offers guided segway tour for groups of a minimum of 6 people. Here you have the possibility to choose one of their packages and experience the city in a unique way.

Learn more at Aalborg Segways website...

Tours for individuals or smaller groups

If you want to tour the city and you are not a part of a larger group, is it possible to sign up to an already existing tour at FOF's website or at North Jutland Historical Museum.

The prices vary between 75-85 kr. - You will be able to see the individual prices on the websites for each tour.

Wanna learn more? Go to FOFs website eller Nordjyllands Historiske Museums website...