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Book a guide in Aalborg

In Aalborg, there are many possibilities for a guided tour. – Both for individuals or larger groups. Here you will find some information about the tour guides, which you can find in the area and you can ask them about trips, tips, m.m.

Guided tours for groups

Are you in a large group and in need a guided tour of Aalborg? Here is some information about some of the tour guides, which you can find in the area.

Guides in Aalborg

Aalborg Guideforening

Tlf.: 30 42 58 94


The tour guides cover following languages: Danish, german, english, french and italian.

Learn more at Aalborg Guideforenings website...

Aalborg Tours

Tlf.: 60 12 42 29

The tour guides cover following languages: Danish and english - but some of the guides speak other languages aswell.

Learn more at Aalborg Tours website...

Follow Mike

Tlf.: 40 54 42 09


Learn more at Michaels website...

Kristensen Company

Tlf.: 26 25 78 03


Learn more at Krisensen Companys website...

Anne-Lise Schou

Tlf.: 30 13 71 77


Jakob Nørregaard

Tlf.: 25 53 11 81


A unique way to be shown around

What about sightseeing on two wheels? - No we are not talking about scooters or bike, but segway!

Aalborg Segway offers guided segway tour for groups of a minimum of 6 people. Here you have the possibility to choose one of their packages and experience the city in a unique way.

Learn more at Aalborg Segways website...

Tours for individuals or smaller groups

If you want to tour the city and you are not a part of a larger group, is it possible to sign up to an already existing tour at FOF's website or at North Jutland Historical Museum.

The prices vary between 75-85 kr. - You will be able to see the individual prices on the websites for each tour.

Wanna learn more? Go to FOFs website eller Nordjyllands Historiske Museums website...