Experience North Denmark

You can experience the North Sea to the west, Kattegat to the east and in between you find Limfjorden. And between these two seas you will find a wide range of activities for everyone.

North Jutland for everyone

The beautiful nature and cozy towns in Northjutland invites you on a trip.

White beaches everywhere with calm and child-friendly waves at the east coast and larger waves at the west coast.

Are you looking for experiences with adrenaline-boosts?

Or maybe a walk in the beautiful nature?


- Northjutland got you covered!

Skagen - the top of Danmark

Photo: VisitAalborg

White beaches on the west coast

All the way from Agger to Skagen in the top of North Jutland, you will find many great sand beaches that are worth a visit all year around. You can swim, fish, collect amber or play in the dunes.

White beaches on the east coast

On the east coast you will find some of North Europe’s finest and most child-friendly beaches. The sand is white and fine, the water is clean and the waves are small. The water goes slowly deeper and deeper so the children can easily play in the water.

Livø - fascinating nature

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Attractions in North Jutland

A visit to North Jutland can tempt everyone. Whether you seek action and fun in one of the area’s theme parks or you seek to learn something new about the animal kingdom in one of the many animal-attractions, you will find it in North Jutland.

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Fårup Sommerland

Fårup is one of Denmark's largest tourist attractions with plenty of wild, fun and crazy water activities for the whole family. Everything from wild roller coasters and a children's theme park to Denmark's largest and wettest water world.

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The North Sea Oceanarium

Northern Europe's largest aquarium offers exciting adventures under the sea. Meet the lumpfish, the playful seals, and all the other sea creatures. All year round there are fun activities for the whole family.

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Vikingecenter Fyrkat

Vikingecenter Fyrkat consists of the historic ringfort Fyrkat and the Viking Farmstead, which is 9 reconstructed houses, that together constitute a large Viking property. Both dwelling houses and workshops are built of oak timber with mud-and-wattle walls and thatched roof.

Photo: Ørnereservatet


Experience the majestic eagles and see them spread their wings above you. You will find the reservation 24 kilometers outside of Hirtshals on the way to Skagen. After the dune plantation of Tversted you will find the amazing attraction.

Photo: Jesperhus Feriepark


The largest flower park of Scandinavia is filled with perennials, roses, various summer flowers of the world, succulents and giant flower figurines. 

You can also visit Zik & Zak's Monkey Land and play around with the jungle creature Hugo in Hugo's indoor waterpark.

Photo: VisitAalborg

Kystmuseet Bangsbo Fort

Bangsbo Fort is located immediately south of Pikkerbakken. The area is located in approximately 80 m height, and the canons of approximately 60 m height.

Islands in North Jutland

North Jutland has beautiful nature, an exciting wildlife and fascinating islands. In the Limfjord and in Kattegat you will find exciting islands which is a good choice for an expedition for the whole family.

Læsø - in the middle of Kattegat

With its seaweed roofs and white sandy beaches, Læsø is placed beautiful in Kattegat. Læsø is Kattegat’s largest island and is known for having maintained its beautiful and untouched nature.

Fur - a unique island

Fur lies in the Limfjord and was in 2010 elected as the island of the year by the readers from the Danish magazine Kristeligt Dagblad. And this is no surprise to many as Fur is a unique island.

North Jutland’s temptations

If you need inspiration for a day in North Jutland, you can easily find an exciting and interesting excursion trip for the whole family.

Here are six suggestions for experiences in North Jutland. 

Voergaard Castle

Voergaard is among Denmark’s most beautiful renaissance castles, and inside you will find the finest private collection of art by Goys, Rafael and Rubens to name but a few. The oldest part of the castle dates to 1481, and the youngest to 1590.

Børglum Abbey

Børglum Abbey is the frame of thousand years of history and all this history can still be felt in the corners of the old abbey.

National Park Thy

The wind on the west coast can be quite strong in this corner of Denmark. which together have resulted in a unique landscape of dune, heaths and fores...

Rubjerg Knude

Rubjerg Knude Fyr is one of North Jutland's most visited landmarks for both locals and tourists.


Lønstrup is an artistic pearl surrounded by the North Sea’s beautiful nature. The art and nature characterizes the proud old fishing village.

Råbjerg Mile

North Jutland has its own dessert - Råbjerg Mile. Råbjerg Mile covers an area of around 1 km2 and is the larges wandering dune in Denmark. This magnif...