Aalborg Beerwalk

Aalborg Beerwalk

Treat your family, friends or yourself with an Aalborg Beerwalk and taste 6 well-poured speciality beers in some of the lovely pubs in the heart of Aalborg

Aalborg Beerwalk is not available at the moment.

Enjoy a Aalborg Beerwalk all year round. Take your time, and take a tour of the city’s most popular pubs. Aalborg Beerwalk is a perfect way to experience, what the city has to offer beer enthusiasts, or people just looking for a new way to spend time together and have a fun afternoon or evening in Aalborg.

Aalborg Beerwalk is the perfect gift for a great experience and only cost 125 kr.

Aalborg Beerwalk kit contains:
Exclusive Aalborg Beerwalk tasting-glass
6 vouchers for 15 cl. beer (0,9 litre beer)
Written guide to great pubs in Aalborg

Plan your own beerwalk

The following pubs are a part of Aalborg Beerwalk, but it's up to you, which ones you want to visit.


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