Aalborg Beerwalk

Aalborg Beerwalk

Treat your family, friends or yourself with an Aalborg Beerwalk and taste 6 well-poured speciality beers in some of the lovely pubs in the heart of Aalborg

Aalborg Beerwalk is not available at the moment.

Enjoy a Aalborg Beerwalk all year round. Take your time, and take a tour of the city’s most popular pubs. Aalborg Beerwalk is a perfect way to experience, what the city has to offer beer enthusiasts, or people just looking for a new way to spend time together and have a fun afternoon or evening in Aalborg.

Aalborg Beerwalk is the perfect gift for a great experience and only cost 125 kr.

Aalborg Beerwalk kit contains:
Exclusive Aalborg Beerwalk tasting-glass
6 vouchers for 15 cl. beer (0,9 litre beer)
Written guide to great pubs in Aalborg

Plan your own beerwalk

The following pubs are a part of Aalborg Beerwalk, but it's up to you, which ones you want to visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase Aalborg Beerwalk at following places:

VisitAalborg, InfoCenter Aalborg
Kjellerups Torv 5, Aalborg, tlf. 9931 7500

The Irish House
Østerågade 25, Aalborg, tlf. 9814 1817

John Bull Pub
Østerågade 20, Aalborg, tlf. 9811 5788

Old Games Pub
Ved Stranden 5, Aalborg, tlf. 4034 0246

The Wharf
Borgergade 16, Aalborg, tlf. 9811 7010

Basement Beer Bar
Løkkegade 18, Aalborg, tlf. 3514 0814

Heidi's Bier Bar
Jomfru Anes Gård 5, Aalborg, tlf. 2219 3387 

Søgaards Bryghus
C.W. Obels Plads 1, Aalborg, tlf. 9816 1114

Fjordgade 20, Aalborg, tlf. 9620 3000

Rendsburggade 5, Aalborg, tlf. 9810 1400

Phønix Hotel - Aalborg
Vesterbro 77, Aalborg, tlf. 9812 0011

Hotel Hvide Hus
Vesterbro 2, Aalborg, tlf. 9813 8400

Hotel Jomfru Ane
Jomfru Ane Gade 3, Aalborg, tlf. 9810 2200

Kompas Hotel Aalborg
Østerbro 27, Aalborg, tlf. 9812 1900

Nytorv 8, Aalborg, tlf. 9816 0000

Vingårdsgade 13 - 15, Aalborg, tlf. 9812 5290

Hotel Scheelsminde
Scheelsmindevej 35, Aalborg, tlf. 9818 3233

Aalborg Airport Hotel
Ny Lufthavnsvej 96, Nørresundby, tlf. 9817 6000 

Strandparken Camping
Skydebanevej 20, Aalborg, tlf. 9812 7629

Scandic Aalborg City
Vesterbro 12 C, Aalborg, tlf. 7012 5151

Penny Lane
Boulevarden 1, Aalborg, tlf. 9812 5800

Skjold Burne Vinhandel
Bispensgade 1, Aalborg, tlf. 9812 0317

Aalborg Storcenter, Centerinformationen
Hobrovej 452, Aalborg SV, tlf. 9818 2310

Abbey Road Café
Kjellerupsgade 1A, 9000 Aalborg, tlf. 9811 4243

If you want to make sure that Aalborg Beerwalk is available for you and your friends, you can contact VisitAalborg's InfoCenter at +45 99 31 75 00 or send a mail to When your order is ready to be picked up, it can be done at InfoCenter Aalborg in Kedelhallen in Nordkraft, Kjellerups Torv 5, 9000 Aalborg.

The Aalborg Beerwalk kit contains:

  • Exclusive Aalborg Beerwalk tasting-glass
  • 6 vouchers for 15 cl. beer (0,9 litre beer)
  • Written guide to great pubs in Aalborg