Mädchen im Aalborg Fjordland

Welcome to Aalborg Fjordland

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Visit the beautiful area near the Limfjord west of Aalborg in North Jutland, Denmark.

Oplevelser i Aalborg Fjordland

Things to do in Aalborg Fjordland

Experience the nature in Aalborg Fjordland

The nature in Aalborg Fjordland is magnificent and varied. Here you will find green forests, beautiful moorland and of course the Limfjord, which runs through the area.

Active holiday in Aalborg Fjordland

If you're planning an active holiday, Aalborg Fjordland offers you plenty of opportunities. Here you'll find great angling conditions, fantastic golf courses, beautiful biking paths and plenty of other fun activities.

Nibe - the cosy market town

Enjoy the old borough city with small twisted streets and maritime atmosphere.

Byerne i Aalborg Fjordland

Besøg de hyggelige, små landsbyer ved Nibe og Halkær Bredning, og få indblik i deres unikke historie og den enestående i fjordlandet. Området rummer e...

Arts and crafts in Aalborg Fjordland

Visit the many artists and craftsmen in Aalborg Fjordland.

Det sker i Aalborg Fjordland

Accommodation in Aalborg Fjordland

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Attractions in Aalborg Fjordland

Nibe Museum

Nibe  Museum has various changing exhibitions throughout the year, all about local history. One of the permanent exhibitions at  Nibe  Museum is fo...

Halkær Mill Nature Center

Halkær Mill Nature Centre functions partly as a school for children from day cares. The Centre also has exhibitions about the history of the mill, cou...

Sebbersund Vikingeby

Experience the Viking Settlement in Sebbersund and a fascinating insight into the Viking Age. By Sebbersund, you will find what used to be one of the ...

Vokslev Limestone Quarry and Huul Mill

The limestone quarry at  Vokslev  is a national geological monument. You can search for geological findings, if you’re lucky you might even find som...