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    How did they live in the Iron and Viking ages in Aalborg? What did they eat and drink? What did they believe in? All this is presented through exciting new techniques as well as the original burial site at Lindholm Høje and Lindholm Høje Museum.

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    Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth largest city. It’s a multi-faceted city - full of contrasts. A city with a lust for life and all of its pleasures. It’s also grand on a manageable scale. The port and all the major city attractions are concentrated within easy distance. Aalborg went from fast-paced fun to peaceful oases, from a foaming draft beer to sublime gastronomy, and from the viking through the middle ages to a modern, international city full of art and culture.

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    Welcome to the most beautiful cruise port in North DenmarkOn your way to and from the Baltic, Aalborg is a great choice for visiting Denmark. Aalborg is right on the route, and we are sure that you will enjoy the two hours passage through the Limfjord and your berth in the very heart of the city of Aalborg. We look forward to offer your passengers a visit full of wonderful experiences - and cherished memories!

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    Aalborg is one of Denmark’s most accessible cities, whether by plane, car, train or bus. It’s also a city that makes you feel at home immediately.

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    Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre (AKKC) is one of Scandinavia’s largest and most flexible congress centres, with 500,000 guests and 1,000 events each year. It is the perfect venue for meetings and conferences.

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    Do you know your mother in law – her likes and dislikes, is she into schnapps, art ware, scenic nature experiences or shopping? Whatever her preferences, you will find, what you are looking for in Aalborg…

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    Aalborg is like a box of chocolates - one tidbit after the other appears. That also applies to Aaborgs shopping life. Aalborg is a party for the senses - and the shopping gene! In the centre of Aalborg, you will find a comprehensive selection of specialty stores next to large department stores. Here you will find to large walking streets - Bispensgade and Algade - with some smaller walking streets attached.

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    Check out the list of the most popular attractions in Aalborg

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    Splash out on an AalborgCard. It gives you 48 hours free admission to the Zoo, world-class art and architecture and a whole treasure trove of 10 museums and attractions throughout the Municipal District of Aalborg. Park your car for free, jump on a bus and start the adventure. It couldn’t be simpler!

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    Aalborg is known for being a festive city. All year round the city offers events and activities for everyone. In Aalborg you can enjoy concerts, theatre plays, visit small music venues and listen to live music. In Aalborg you find restaurants and gastronomy for everyone. If you want to go dancing Jomfru Ane Gade is the place, here you can enjoy a cold beer, dace to all kind of music and simply just have a good time!  

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    Welcome to the 5th European Convention of Engineering Deans in Aalborg.

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    Aalborg is a manageable city. An easy place for conference guests to get around in.

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    The Utzon Center functions as a venue for diffusion and innovation, where art, architecture and design interact with exhibition, education, conferences, meetings and culinary experiences. The Utzon Center was inaugurated on the 28th of May 2008, and it stands as the first of a number of cultural initiatives on Aalborg’s new waterfront. Utzon Center, which is placed on Aalborg's beautiful waterfront, is definitely worth a visit...

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    Check out the list of the different attractions in Aalborg and the surrounding area...

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    Unique events for conference guests in authentic settings – history before your very eyes. Give your conference guests an unforgettable experience.

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    How did they live in the Iron and Viking ages in Aalborg? What did they eat and drink? How was the everyday life and their celebrations, and what was the religion? All this is presented through exciting new techniques as well as the original burial site at Lindholm Høje and Lindholm Høje Museum.

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    In Aalborg, you can experience a lot of good events for kids and adults all year around. Whether a good vacation for you means interesting attractions, hours of shopping, worldclass gastronomy or good, cultural experiences Aalborg has something to offer. Here you can find inspiration for a good vacation in Aalborg.

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    In Aalborg you can find great souvenirs in almost every shop.

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    Aalborg has excellent venues for receptions. The city has wonderful settings for events and conferences on any scale, whether you are looking for a traditional or untraditional venue. Below are a few ideas for your inspiration. You can also contact us for a more in-depth talk.

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    In Aalborg, you will find a number of traditional meeting and conference venues with room for small meetings or large conferences. Take a look at the overview of traditional meetings and conference venues in Aalborg on this page, and find the perfect venue for your next meeting or conference. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance finding the right spot for your conference.

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    Aalborg is perfect for a small vacation for two - or more...The city, which is the fourth largest in Denmark, has all the ingredients needed to ensure a successful - and maybe romantic - stay. Pleasant streets, beautiful old houses, lovely museums and attractions, fine dining and good shopping possibilities. You can experience a lot of the city in a few hours but a day or two is definitely preferable.

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    XVIIth International Congress on Mathematical Physics6-11 August 2012(ICMP12) VisitAalborg was involved from a very early stage, helping us writing the application we submitted at the previous congress in Prague August 2009, when we won the right of organizing the ICMP12 Congress in Aalborg. Without the professional material prepared by VisitAalborg we probably had not been selected as organizers.

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    Aalborg is flourishing with exciting artist, small and large galleries and beautiful architectural pearls. If you are exploring the city you should, among others, visit Jørn Utzon’s last masterpiece the Utzon Center, the beautiful Museum of Modern Art, KUNSTEN, and artist as Lange Kunsthåndværk (Handicraft) and Lene Højlund and galleries such as Kunsthal Nord. 

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    Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre is one of Scandinavia’s largest and most flexible congress centres with 500,000 guests and 1,000 events, meetings and conferences each year.

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    The last couple of years Aalborg has developed from an industrial city to a modern experience and knowledge city at a rapid pace…

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    Good experiences on Aalborg Coast - inspiration for all the beautiful, fun and exciting events that you can find in the fall...

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    Due to the short distances in Aalborg, an alternative form of transport is possible - green transport!

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    Are you looking for live music? Then Aalborg offers concerts on both the biggest and smallest stages around Aalborg.

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    For years, works of art have been emerging throughout Aalborg. But recently the arts have really been thriving.

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    Part of the identity for a local area is its arts and crafts and the artists many ways of expressing themselves. The cultural history, the nature, the people - well, almost everything is useful for an artist. Here you will find a number of interesting artists working at the coast, who creates beautiful works of art in the comfort of their home or at a local store. Glass, statues, paintings... These are just some of the creations that our local artists represent, so swing by their work shops and see if anything catches your eye!

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    The Danes call it "snaps", a small, clear and potent spirit which is synonymous with the Danish culture of cosiness and well-being. In the rest of the world, it's known as aquavit, and Aalborg distils it in grand style.

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    Holiday cottages on Aalborg Coast  No wonder Aalborg Coast has one of Denmarks largest colonies of holiday cottages. Here on the East Coast by Hals and Hou there are thousands of cozy holiday cottages that danish, norweigan, german and swedish tourists faithfully return to, year after year. 

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    Gigantium is a large-scale, flexible sports and culture centre, located in south east side of Aalborg, just off the main highway E45.

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    At Lindholm Høje, you will see one of Scandinavia’s best preserved Viking findings – dug out from a thick layer of sand which has kept the secrets of Lindholm Høje for thousands of years.

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    Here are some ideas for conference visitors, suggesting where to shop, find entertainment or eat – sustainably. You can shop in green shops, take a trip to Aalborg Zoo and eat food made from the finest local ingredients.

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    Go on a weekend trip with a girlfriend and enjoy all that Aalborg has to offer. In Aalborg, you will find everything your heart desires – shopping, culture, art and exquisite culinary experiences. There are many things to choose from in Aalborg, but we have made it easier for you to decide.

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    There are numerous good geocaches in Aalborg and with a little help from the local geocachers, we have been able to find some of the best ones in our area. Get ready to get one of your best geocaching experiences…

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    Nearing Christmas, there are lots of Christmas activities for children as well as adults, which means there are plenty of opportunities to get in that special Christmas spirit.

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    Aalborg is a perfect place for bringing the family together. While having fun together, you can discover the various possibilities of entertainment, challenges and learning. Aalborg is a city of opportunities, so whether you like speed and action, tranquility or simply are interested in ancient history or modern art, you will on this page find inspiration to exciting activities in Aalborg...  

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    Step into the wild at Aalborg Zoo. Hear the roar of the lion at feeding time, come eye to eye with an orangutan, watch polar bears frolic in the water, give the children a hands-on experience at the petting zoo. Experience the African savannah with giraffes, zebras and antelopes. A new predator area opened in 2012 and you can look forward to meet the rare, Asian lion and experience the little tiger Sumatra playing on land and in the water.

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    Aalborg's waterfront has recently undergone a thorough renovation. It used to be a busy industrial area, but now you can experience the world-class architecture, exciting cuisine and cozy cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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    Most people love a nice surprise – especially if the surprise is well planned, by the person who loves you the most, and who knows, what you appreciate.

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    Take your little girl on a mom-daughter girls’ trip to Aalborg. Below you will find tips for spending many great hours together – even if your little girl isn’t so little anymore.

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    Even if you only have a couple of hours off between meetings, there is no excuse for not taking in some of Aalborg’s urban countryside.

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    We have collected the most important places in Aalborg for you as a student or future student. If you feel like listening to music, meeting others, having fun or maybe just relaxing, then you need to know these particular places in Aalborg.

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    Aalborg has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing – both for the historical, for the active, for the thirsty etc. Go sightseeing in Aalborg and experience an exciting city…

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    At Lindholm Høje there are more than 700 graves, dating from 400 to 1000 BC. In the 1950s the area was excavated and the area is now home to an exciting museum on the theme of everyday life in the late Iron Age and the early Viking Period.

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    When the 4th of July is celebrated in Aalborg, many festive and amusing events take place and in keeping with tradition, this is celebrated with American Days. Aalborg City will be dressed in American colors with flags and banners to make the American spirit spread across the city. The 28th of June to the 4th of July will be days with music, barbeque, Budweiser, Rebild celebration and lots of American cozy atmosphere.

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    Dynamic and daring - and not afraid of ambitious projects. That is how the people of Aalborg have always been. Want to see an example? Visit Nordkraft, one of the biggest culture and activity centers in Europe. Here you will find all sorts of exciting things to see and do.

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    The new music venue of Northern Jutland is now open and ready to welcome guests who will find a star-studded concert program.

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