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    The polar bears have experienced an increasing popularity the recent years due to the public accessibility of the polar bear facilities – both on ground and under the water. Furthermore, the popularity is also due to the possibility of seeing the newborn cubs via live images from the installed webcam in the maternity den.

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    Step into the wild at Aalborg Zoo. Hear the roar of the lion at feeding time, come eye to eye with an orangutan, watch polar bears frolic in the water, give the children a hands-on experience at the petting zoo. Experience the African savannah with giraffes, zebras and antelopes. A new predator area opened in 2012 and you can look forward to meet the rare, Asian lion and experience the Sumatran tiger playing on land and in the water.

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    If you love animals and nature, Aalborg is the city for you. In Aalborg you will find plenty of activities for children families where you can enjoy the fresh air together while watching the animals or taking a walk in one of the parks.

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    Do you like action and fun when you are on vacation then take a look at these activities in Aalborg...

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    Here you will get some facts about Aalborg and find the latest number of overnights for the hotels in Aalborg...

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    Aalborg is a perfect place for bringing the family together. While having fun together, you can discover the various possibilities of entertainment, challenges and learning. Aalborg is a city of opportunities, so whether you like speed and action, tranquility or simply are interested in ancient history or modern art, you will on this page find inspiration to exciting activities in Aalborg...  

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    Splash out on an AalborgCard. It gives you 48 hours free admission to the Zoo, world-class art and architecture and a whole treasure trove of 10 museums and attractions throughout the Municipal District of Aalborg. Park your car for free, jump on a bus and start the adventure. It couldn’t be simpler!

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    Whether you want to see an attraction in Aalborg, on Aalborgs Coast or anywhere else in Denmark, you can find easy transportation information here.Take the bus or train with ease or jump on one of Aalborg's city bikes and take a cruise around the new Waterfront or all the way to Aalborg's East Coast. If you are planning to travel a bit further, just take a 15-minute bus drive and you are at Aalborg Airport, providing you with a wealth of travel possibilities.

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    There are lot of activities for children and adults on the coast. Spend a lovely day on Northern Jutlands best beach, stop by Lille Vildmose and ride the peat train or visit Hals and try a game of mini golf or bowling with family or friends. Aalborg is also close by. It only takes half an hour to drive to Aalborg where Aalborg Zoo, Aalborg Defense- & Garrison Museum and Springeren are popular attractions for families with children.

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    The Utzon Center functions as a venue for diffusion and innovation, where art, architecture and design interact with exhibition, education, conferences, meetings and culinary experiences. The Utzon Center was inaugurated on the 28th of May 2008, and it stands as the first of a number of cultural initiatives on Aalborg’s new waterfront. Utzon Center, which is placed on Aalborg's beautiful waterfront, is definitely worth a visit...

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    Restaurant Skovbakken is situated in the middle of Aalborg Zoo, a zoo that accommodate 1500 animals.

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    In Aalborg, you can experience a lot of good events for kids and adults all year around. Whether a good vacation for you means interesting attractions, hours of shopping, worldclass gastronomy or good, cultural experiences Aalborg has something to offer. Here you can find inspiration for a good vacation in Aalborg. For the past few years Aalborg has been transforming its waterfront in spectacular style. A great place for a stroll - be sure you don't miss it.

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    Aalborg's most famous renaissance building is Jens Bang's House from 1624, but in Aalborg and the surrounding area you can find other interesting historic buildings.

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    Aalborg Zoo has imported an African village – including savannah, houses, and trees - and animals in surroundings so authentic that it makes you feel like loading a jeep and going on safari.

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    Check out the list of the most popular attractions in Aalborg

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    Even if you only have a couple of hours off between meetings, there is no excuse for not taking in some of Aalborg’s urban countryside.

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    Take your little girl on a mom-daughter girls’ trip to Aalborg. Below you will find tips for spending many great hours together – even if your little girl isn’t so little anymore.

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    Aalborg is perfect for a small vacation for two - or more...The city has all the ingredients needed to ensure a successful - and maybe romantic - stay. Pleasant streets, beautiful old houses, lovely museums and attractions, fine dining and good shopping possibilities. You can experience a lot of the city in a few hours but a day or two is definitely preferable. Enjoy your stay!

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    Find inspiration on how to turn the most beautiful natural resorts in and around Aalborg into your playground and how to make your stay more sustainable. The exciting nature around Limfjorden, next to the mild east coast and in Lille Vildmose each offers their own charm and saves experiences for you that you will appreciate. In addition, Aalborg city also has many green oasis.

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    Here are some ideas for conference visitors, suggesting where to shop, find entertainment or eat – sustainably. You can shop in green shops, take a trip to Aalborg Zoo and eat food made from the finest local ingredients.

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    Aalborg has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing – for the person who enjoys history, a fast pace, fun for the children, etc. Go sightseeing in Aalborg and experience an exciting city…

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    Here we give you a quick overview of Aalborg. We have chosen a number of highlights from the city, and thereby made it possible for you to get around the basics of Aalborg in just 5 minutes. After that, you can concentrate on the events or attractions that you find interesting. And we are always ready to provide you with further information. Welcome to Aalborg!

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    We welcome fall here on Aalborg Coast with good experiences and exciting activities. There are plenty of options for fun activities for kids and adults on a rainy day. Experience the exciting nature along the coast, in the forests or in Lille Vildmose. 30 minutes away from the Coast, Aalborg beckons. Here you will find a number of fun activities and attractions worth a visit. Visit Aalborg Zoo and see the large new predator inclosure with tigers and lions up close. There are many interesting experiences awaiting you at Aalborg Coast and in Aalborg in the fall recess.

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    VisitAalborg gives you the oppotunity to use videos in your bid material, to attract international conferences. See the presentation films we have produced.

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    Aalborg is like a box of chocolates - one tidbit after the other appears. That also applies to Aaborgs shopping life. Aalborg is a party for the senses - and the shopping gene! In the centre of Aalborg, you will find a comprehensive selection of specialty stores next to large department stores. Here you will find two large shopping streets - Bispensgade and Algade - with some smaller streets attached.

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    As a conference host in Aalborg, you will need professional feedback and discussion. We have collected our most important experiences for all convention hosts.

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    KUNSTEN in Aalborg is like a sculpture that almost grow out of the rolling, green landscape to form a beautiful frame around worldclass art. Art that ranges wide and contains excellent stories.

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    Christmas in Aalborg is peak season for tradition. Each year, the Christmas market on Gammeltorv returns where Christmas huts, trees and entertainment ensures the right Christmas mood. You can also meet the real Santa Claus, who arrives by ship directly from Greenland. Welcome to Christmas in Aalborg!

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    Nearing Christmas, there are lots of Christmas activities for children as well as adults, which means there are plenty of opportunities to get in that special Christmas spirit.

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    We hope you will find inspiration for a lovely day in the open air in and around the city of Aalborg. Whether you have a day, several days or just half an hour, you can find interesting experiences here.

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    but we're sorry - we can't find the page you requested. The link you clicked may be broken or the page you were looking for is no longer available. 1.  For inspiration for your next holiday in Aalborg, please visit our main page 2.  For accomodation in Aalborg, go to:

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    Aalborg is known for being a festive city. All year round the city offers events and activities for everyone. In Aalborg you can enjoy concerts, theatre plays, visit small music venues and listen to live music. In Aalborg you find restaurants and gastronomy for everyone. If you want to go dancing Jomfru Ane Gade is the place, here you can enjoy a cold beer, dace to all kind of music and simply just have a good time!  

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    Are you a student, new to Aalborg or simply looking for some inspiration to activitites in wonderful Aalborg? Aalborg has plenty of experiences to offer in all price ranges, and in case your money doesn't go far, we have gathered the inexpensive best of Aalborg for you. If you and your friends, or boy- or girlfriend, feel like a cup of coffee, a beer, a good movie, some nice music or just feel like relaxing, here is some inspiration for what to do in your spare time in Aalborg.

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    Welcome to CompTest 2013 – the 6th International Conference on Composites Testing and Model Identification.

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    The social programme includes events for the conference participants as well as accompanying persons. The events and tours are booked at the time of registration. An overview is found in the sub-menus on this page.

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    We have collected the most important places in Aalborg for you as a student or future student. If you feel like listening to music, meeting others, having fun or maybe just relaxing, then you need to know these particular places in Aalborg.

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    The new, impressive predator area in Aalborg Zoo has made life easier and much more comfortable for the Zoo’s tigers and lions. Compared to the old area, the tigers and lions now live a life of luxury. And visitors will now have the opportunity to see the animals feel almost like home.

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    In Aalborg you can find great souvenirs in almost every shop.

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    Find inspiration and good tips for exercising in the outdoors in Aalborg - jump in the sweatsuit and enjoy Aalborgs many parks and green areas on a pleasant run or bike ride.

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    Even if you only have half an hour off from your day’s programme, you can still enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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    Have your future conference in Aalborg – only 65 minutes away from Amsterdam and 35 minutes from Copenhagen by flight.

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    Park Hotel is a charming, totally modernised, handicap friendly hotel, located in the centre of Aalborg, a few metres from the railway station, bus station, airport bus and multi-storey car park.

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    Aalborg is flourishing with exciting artist, small and large galleries and beautiful architectural pearls. If you are exploring the city you should, among others, visit Jørn Utzon’s last masterpiece the Utzon Center, the beautiful Museum of Modern Art, KUNSTEN, and artist as Lange Kunsthåndværk (Handicraft) and Lene Højlund and galleries such as Kunsthal Nord. 

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