City Breaks in Aalborg

In Aalborg, you can experience a lot of great events for kids and adults all year around. Whether a good vacation for you means interesting attractions, hours of shopping, worldclass gastronomy or great, cultural experiences - Aalborg has something to offer. Here you can find inspiration for a good vacation in Aalborg.

For the past few years Aalborg has been transforming its waterfront in spectacular style. A great place for a stroll - be sure you don't miss it.

Best wishes for a great stay in Aalborg - Europe’s Happiest City!

Get to know Aalborg - Europe's happiest city!

Aalborg is a feast for the senses. A city of contrasts. There’s everything you expect from a city, but everything’s within such easy access. There’s vibrant fun and peaceful oases. There’s a drink in a pub or a great meal in a stylish restaurant. There are great shops and charming cafés. There are relics from the Viking period and the Middle Ages rubbing shoulders with international modern art and architecture.

Aalborg's waterfront

Aalborg Waterfront

Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere at the newly renovated waterfront in Aalborg. Stroll along the Limfjord on a sunny day and enjoy the atmosphere in Europe's happiest city. 

Events in Aalborg

What's on in Aalborg

Aalborg is buzzing with activity all year around. See the many events here.

Utzon Center in Aalborg

Treasures in Aalborg

In Aalborg, you will find many treasures – both in terms of gastronomic treasures that tease all senses, treasures of the animal kingdom, artistic treasuries from the many galleries, an architectural pearl that reflect in the Limfjord by the harbour front and much more. And of course you will also find something for the precious little ones.

Enjoy the Good Life

Gastronomy, having a good time with the family and loads of great experiences. In Aalborg there is plenty of room for the good life.

Mortens Kro i Aalborg

Gastronomical Experiences

Great culinary experiences await you in Aalborg. Come and take a bite of the city... 

Family on the ferry to Egholm

Family Fun in Aalborg

Aalborg is a perfect place for bringing the family together. While having fun, you can discover the various possibilities of entertainment, challenges and learning.

Restaurant Fusion in Aalborg

Nightlife in Aalborg

Aalborg is an vigil city with a wealth of experiences...

Attractions in Aalborg

International level art, fascinating animals and interesting stories from the maritime Aalborg. The attractions in Aalborg has a lot to offer curious kids as well as adults.

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg

Kunsten is in an international class of its own. It is designed by the world famous finnish architect, Alvar Aalto in cooperation with Jean-Jacques Baruël and Elissa Aalto. 

The savannah in Aalborg Zoo

The African Village in Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo goes African. The authentic surroundings make visitors feel as if they are actually roaming the Dark Continent amongst the wildlife. The animals look, sound and smell differently than you are used to in other zoos.

Springeren - a Maritime Center of Experiences

Springeren - A Maritime Center of Experiences

Experience danish naval shipping up close and personal at Springeren - a Maritime Center of Experiences...

The Utzon Center in Aalborg

The Utzon Center - Inspired by the Harbor

In the Utzon Center, architecture, design and art plays together with exhibitions, teaching, conferences, meetings and culinary experiences.

Historical Aalborg

Are you interested in history, you must not miss the viking museum, the viking burial ground on Lindholm Høje, Jens Bangs Stenhus or the Gråbrødreklostret in the middle of Aalborg.

Lindholm Høje - viking burial grounds

The Vikings at Lindholm Høje

How did they live in the Iron and Viking age in Aalborg? What did they eat and drink? How was the everyday life and the celebrations, and what was the religion? All this is presented at the original burial site at Lindholm Høje and the Lindholm Høje Museum.

Jens Bang's House in Aalborg

Renaissance in Aalborg

Aalborg's most famous renaissance building is Jens Bang's House from 1624, but in Aalborg and the surrounding area you can find other interesting historic buildings.

The Franciscan Museum

The Franciscan Museum

The Franciscan museum is situated under one of the busy shopping streets in Aalborg, Algade. Go underground with an elevator to see the well-preserved medieval ruins of the Franciscans in Aalborg, established around 1250.