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Welcome to the most beautiful cruise port in North Denmark
On your way to and from the Baltic, Aalborg is a great choice for visiting Denmark. Aalborg is right on the route, and we are sure that you will enjoy the two hours passage through the Limfjord and your berth in the very heart of the city of Aalborg. We look forward to offer your passengers a visit full of wonderful experiences - and cherished memories!

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In 2016 Aalborg welcomes:

04/05 Marco Polo
05/05 Viking Star
12/05 Viking Sea
24/05 Braemar
25/05 Viking Star
01/06 Viking Sea
02/06 Viking Star
22/06 Viking Star
30/06 Viking Star
07/07 Viking Sea
20/07 Viking Star
23/07 Prinsendam
24/07 Seabourn Quest
27/07 Viking Sea
28/07 Viking Star
05/08 Braemar
17/08 Viking Star
25/08 Viking Star
14/09 Viking Star
25/09 Albatros
17/12 Black Watch

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Fjord cruising to the heart of Aalborg

Beautiful approaches are always a superb kick-off to a fantastic stay at today’s port of call. In Aalborg, the approach starts two hours prior to berthing with a fabulously scenic fjord cruise. The central harbour is located in the very heart of the city. 

Lindholm Høje

The history of Aalborg

The Vikings founded the city of Aalborg in the 7th century at the narrowest banks of the Liim Fjord. Today Aalborg is the fourth largest city of Denmark and the regional capital of North Denmark - the region in Denmark blessed by nature with the most hours of sunshine...

Free hotdog port

The Danish hotdog stands are a cultural institution and have been feeding hungry Danes for more than 80 years, and one is waiting for you when you berth in Aalborg.

Lindholm Høje - viking burial grounds and museum in Aalborg

Meet the Vikings in Aalborg

In Aalborg you will find one of Scandinavia’s best preserved Viking finds – dug out from a thick layer of sand which has kept the secrets of Lindholm Høje for thousands of years.


Snaps - the local drink of Aalborg

The clear and potent spirit which is synonymous with the Danish culture of cosiness and well-being is distilled in grand style in Aalborg.

Must sees

Don's miss these historical sites and relaxing nature spots in Aalborg. Visit for instance Aalborg Tower and get a beautiful view over all of Aalborg and visit Hjelmerstald (Hjelmer Stable) which is one of the few maintained old neighbourhoods in Aalborg.

Aalborg Cruise Magazine

Danish pastry

Danish pastries

The delicious Danish pastries is a world-famous delight.


Danish smørrebrød

Traditional Danish smørrebrød dates back to the 19th century and is a combination of a working class hero - the rye bread lunch sandwiches of farmers and workers - and the lavish dinners of the urban bourgeoisie.

Hjelmerstald in Aalborg


Hjelmerstald is represented by four houses and is one of the few maintained ole neighbourhoods in Aalborg.

Jens Bang's Stone House

Jens Bang's Stone House

The finest example of renaissance domestic architecture in Northern Europe, built in 1624 by the wealthy merchant Jens Bang.

Budolfi Church

Budolfi Church

The Cathedral of St. Budolf is constructed at the end of the 14th century in Gothic style. The Baroque spire was erected in 1779.


Aalborghus Castle

The castle was built by King Christian the 3rd in 1539-55 as the residence of the local governor.


Aalborg Tower

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Aalborg and the North Jutland landscape - 105 meters over the Limfjord.

Park of Music

Park of Music

The Park og Music is a part of Kildeparken in the heart of Aalborg. Since 1987, a number of artists have made their mark on the lovely park by planting a tree to symbolize their visit in Aalborg.

Aalborg Habour

Cruise berths

Cruise ports are often situated in industrial port areas. Luckily, this is not the case in Aalborg.

Cruise guests in Aalborg

Testimonials from cruise guests in Aalborg...