Sports dreams in Aalborg

Are you dreaming about a victory for your sports team or yourself? Aalborg offers numerous different sports experiences, no matter if you want to experience them live, through a screen or participate yourself.

Sports as a gathering point

Sports connect people and can provide the background for new friendships or friendly teasing. Whether you are interested in football, horse racing or ice hockey, sports can be the a common frame of reference, which livens up the weekday and establishes social relations – new as well as old. If you and your friends are looking for different places, where you can experience sports in Aalborg, we have gathered an overview of different suggestions.

Live sport – are you dreaming about the perfect live atmosphere?

The team that brings Northern Jutland together

AaB is the football team of the entire Nothern Jutland, and they are doing well in representing the region. In 2014, AaB dominated Danish football, where they won “The Double” – the championship and the cup. The Danish championship was won with 6 points over FCK, who came second, and in the following days, Aalborg was transformed into a festive city, covered in gold and with a euphoric and happy atmosphere. In days like these, you can really see how AaB and football gathered the entire city.

So if you are dreaming about AaB winning the next championship, or maybe just the next match, then bring your friends and family to Nordjyske Arena, where you can support the club and experience the amazing atmosphere.

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A top-of-the-league team with muscular men

If handball is your favorite sport, Gigantium is the perfect place for your next sports experience with friends and family. Aalborg Håndbold (handball) has its home ground in Gigantium, where they are known to be a challenging team to meet, which is largely because of the home audience. Aalborg Håndbold is a permanent part of the Danish handball scene, and the dream is to win the championship in this season – especially in a match against the eternal rivals from KIF.

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High intensity, loud music and great entertainment

If it is your dream to watch an intense ice hockey match in great surroundings and at a high level, you should go see an Aalborg Pirates match. Aalborg Pirates is part of the Danish top league and have their home ground in Gigantium Isarena (ice arena), which can hold up to 5000 audience members. A day in the ice arena is an amazing experience, whether you are interested in ice hockey or not. Ice hockey is a very exciting and lively sport with plenty of bodily contact and thrilling goals. When the game is paused the arena is filled with a musical sound inferno, which really makes the atmosphere reach its maximum. Aalborg Pirates is an ice hockey club with great ambitions and dreams to win the Danish champions ship – are you cheering for Aalborg Pirates?

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An elegant sport worth watching

In the western part of Aalborg, NKI Racing Arena Aalborg is situated. The racing track, as the arena is called in everyday speech, is a great place to experience different kinds of horse racing. Approximately every other Sunday, horse races are held on the racing track, where you can experience trotting races, gallop races, pony races and harness races. You can also bet on the different races, which makes the race even more exciting, but it can also result in an empty wallet. If you are dreaming about horse racing or about winning the big price, you should visit the racing track.

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World-class golf

The greatest and most important golf tournament in Europe – European Tournament – is held in Denmark, or more specifically, Himmerland. The tournament, Made in Denmark, which is held from the 20th to the 23rd of August is a repetition of the success from last year, where European Tour was held in Denmark for the first time. In 2014, 83,000 audience members visited Made in Denmark, and the event was a great success. So if you are dreaming about experiencing Thomas Bjørn, Thorbjørn Olesen, Rory McIlroy or last years winner, Marc Warren win the tournament, you should look forward to August, where Denmark’s greatest golf tournament is held at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort.

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Sports on TV – Are you dreaming about great, international stadiums?

If the weather is bad, if you want to want to see more than one match at the same time, or if you simply prefer an international match, you will find plenty of great pubs and sports bars in Aalborg.

O'Learys is a large sports bar with a great American atmosphere. It fits approximately 200 people, and has 40 flat screen TVs. Many different sports types are shown, but especially football and American football are always a part of the program.

London Pub is a small, but cosy pub, which is showing football and offers a great range of different beers. Smoking is allowed in London Pub.

John Bull Pub is an atmospheric, English pub with a great selection of international beers. They are mainly showing English football, but also matches from other leagues are on the program.

The Wharf is the pub of Aalborg with largest selection of international beers. So if you want to expand your beer repertoire while watching sports, The Wharf is the perfect place for you.

Irish House is, as the name refers to, an Irish pub with an amazing atmosphere. They are mainly showing Premier League football and rugby on the big screen. If you want a great whisky, Irish House has a broad selection of Irish and Scottish whiskies.

Old Games Pub is a centrally situated, cosy, English pub I Aalborg, which serves interesting beers and shows football on the big screen.

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