Lille Vildmose visitor's centre

The Lille Vildmose Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is an information centre concerning Lille Vildmose. The idea is to combine the unique natural area with an extraordinary indoor experience, which is both interactive and educational. Try the eagle simulator or watch a movie in the cinema. You can also experience a number of smaller animals native to the area in their indoor cages, visit the nature playground, visit the wild boars or go for a walk in the scenic area.

The history of the bog

The Visitor Centre in Lille Vildmose is built upon the idea that visitors should be able to sense how the area for thousands of years has shifted to become what it is today: The largest raised bog in Northwestern Europe. The intriguing development is illustrated at the visitor center by use of modern design and technology. Try for example the Eagle simulator or watch a movie in the cinema of the centre.

Explore the surroundings

All around the visitor centre, you will find various lookout towers such as Rovfugletårnet ('the birds of prey'-tower); Høstemark Forrest; the towers by the lakes, Tofte Sø and Lille Sø; the Portland Bog and many others – you can easily spend days exploring Lille Vildmose. And the staff at the visitor centre is ready to guide you.

Activities in Lille Vildmose

Besides Danish wilderness, the area around Lille Vildmose offers a number of exciting activities and events such as 'Forest's Day', 'Bird's Day', 'Wild Flowers' Day', 'Bog's Day', guided bus trips and walks, and much more.
Naturally, there is lots of fun for the children to be found in Lille Vildmose. Every Tuesday in July at the nature playground, children can meet up with "Lille Vildma" the troll, and they can participate in the many nature activities.

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Go wild in Lille Vildmose

In the surroundings of Lille Vildmose you can go for a shaky walk in the wet bog, where the flesh-eating plant ‘Drosera’ grows. No need to panic, though, as the ‘Drosera’ only grows a few centimetres tall, feeding on small flies, mosquitos and spiders. In the sky above the bog you have plenty of possibilities of seeing the golden eagle gliding over the hunting ground, as the bog is the cradle of this golden eagle.

The peat train in Lille Vildmose

As a new activity you can go for a train ride in the bog. The trip starts at Møllesøgaard platform, passing by the wild boars’ pen and the oxes, to Birkesø, turns and go back to the platform.

Danish wilderness

Lille Vildmose - Danish wilderness

Believe it or not, less than half an hour’s drive from Aalborg, Danish wilderness with impressive and untouched nature can be experienced. The area is called Lille Vildmose.