Gastronomical Experiences

Great culinary experiences await you in Aalborg. There are restaurants for every taste, whether you want to try the modern danish kitchen, the asian kitchen or the french cuisine. Along the water front, you will find a rich selection of restaurants, where you can enjoy good food and the beautiful view over Limfjorden. If you just need a well-earned rest, Aalborg can offer you a wide selection of cafées where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee. There are restaurants and cafées for every taste, so drop by and taste the city!

Taste Aalborg

Italian, french, asian or modern danish? In Aalborg you can find all kinds of restaurants around town and along Aalborgs beautiful harbour...


SanGiovanni in Aalborg

Aalborg - City of Taste

In Aalborg there are never far between the schnapps - neither if you are looking for a great gastronomical experiences...

Restaurants on Aalborgs waterfront

Flavour on Aalborgs Waterfront

Aalborgs waterfront offers many great, gastronomical experiences. Visit one of the many boat restaurants, have a snack on the boardwalk or enjoy a panorama-view of the harbor from one of the waterfront restaurants.

Restaurants in Aalborg

Restaurants in Aalborg

In Aalborg you will find a wealth of restaurants for every taste. We have selected some, that we can recommend...

Food Experiences for Every Taste

Lots and lots of good, gastronomical experiences for every taste bud and in every price range await you in Aalborg...


Top 10 restaurants in Aalborg according to

Rainer Mesi from recently presentet at list of the best local food on their website.
See his version of Top 10 restaurants in Aalborg

Restaurant Mortens Kro in Aalborg

Mortens Kro - Food and Philosophy

Surprise and nearness - those are the code words for Morten Kok, who is behind some of Aalborgs most renowned restaurants...

Søgaards Brewhouse in Aalborg

Søgaards Brewhouse

At Søgaards Bewhouse the delicious aroma of hop from the brewing of beer will meet you at the door...

Skovsgaards Raaling at Aalborg Coast

Skovsgaards Raaling

Skovsgaards Raaling is an impressive small restaurant that was first registered during the rule of King Christian III in 1552.

Restaurant Fusion in Aalborg

Restaurant Fusion

Restaurant Fusion creates healthy and delicious courses in a fusion of the european and asian kitchen.

Pingvin - tapas & wine café in Aalborg

Pingvin - Tapas & Wine Café

PINGVIN takes you on a culinary tour in a plethora of kitchens - added with a personal twist.

Restaurant Havkatten on Hals Harbor

Restaurant Havkatten

Restaurant Havkatten is located on Hals Harbor with a beautiful view over Limfjorden...

Take a Drink of Aalborg

In Aalborg you have lots of opportunities, no matter if your preferred drink is a cold beer, a cup of warm coffee or something altogether different.

In the city you will find a rich selection of different cafées and coffee houses, where you can follow the life of the city, while you relax over a good cup of cofffee.

Aalborg is the city of schnapps - so don't miss the famous combination of a open-faced herring sandwich and a schnapps to go with it, at one of Aalborgs restaurants.

Cafées in Aalborg

Cafés in Aalborg

Aalborg offers a number of cafés with cosy mood and atmosphere...

Aalborg Beerwalk

Aalborg Beerwalk

Spoil your family, your friends and yourself to an Aalborg Beerwalk and taste 6 well-poured special beers in as many as 9 great pubs in the centre of Aalborg...

Aalborg Akvavit

Aalborg Akvavit

Aalborg is the city of schnapps. Since 1881 there has been produced akvavit and schnapps in the city, and on the destillery that was erected in 1931 production is still running.

Enjoy life in Aalborg

Get inspiration on how to enjoy life in Aalborg. Find the best produce or enjoy the forests deep, quiet tranquility on Rold Storkro...

Mortens Kro in Aalborg

We Who Enjoy Life

If the art of living the good life for you and your partner include living life to its fullest and appreciating a good dinner, a concert experience or a night cap in a cosy pub, then you will love this page...

Produce markets in Aalborg

Find the Enticing Produce

In Aalborg the distance from dirt to dinner is short...