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How about visiting the polar bears in Aalborg Zoo? Or maybe you’d like to soak in some music at one of Aalborg’s many enjoyable music venues? In order to help you decide, we have gathered a list of the events that take place in Aalborg this summer.


9-16 September
Aalborg Sustainability Festival
Venue: Aalborg
Celebrating its five-year anniversary, Aalborg Sustainability Festival keeps promoting awareness of sustainable developments in Aalborg. The Sustainability Festival will be showcasing a number of green initiatives, aiming to inspire a more sustainable way of thinking among businesses and people.

Learn more about Aalborg Sustainability Festival

Every day all summer
Park of Music
Venue: Kildeparken
All summer, you can visit The Park of Music in Kildeparken – the park at the heart of Aalborg, where international celebrities and artists have planted a tree. Press the button and listen to the artist’s music. Enjoy a potpourri starring Cliff Richard, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Take That, Bryan Adams and many more. For more information, visit Park of Music's website


Until 17 September
Roman Ondak – History Repeats Itself
Venue: Kunsten
Kunsten invites you to Roman Ondak’s first-ever solo exhibition in Scandinavia. Ondak’s exhibition explores themes that relate to contemporary political developments.
Learn more about Roman Ondak’s exhibition

Until 24 September
Let’s Play
Venue: Utzon Center
How can urban space be used for sports and physical activity? This is what the Utzon Center explores with its Let’s Play exhibition. The goal is to inspire children and adults – as well as architects and urban planners – to approach physical activity and movement differently.
Learn more about Let’s Play (link in Danish)

Until 24 September
Svinkløv – from Packness to Praksis
Venue: Utzon Center
When the famous Svinkløv Beach Hotel succumbed to the flames of a fire in 2016, a unique piece of historic architecture was lost. Now, the Utzon Center presents a fascinating exhibition about the reconstruction of Svinkløv, focusing on the challenges of working with architecture worth preserving.
Learn more about the Utzon Center’s exhibition about Svinkløv Beach Hotel (link in Danish)

Every weekend
Zootropia – LEGO and Minecraft
Venue: Utzon Center
Explore a universe filled with LEGO and Minecraft. The Utzon Center invites children and playful adults to use its library, which has been equipped with LEGO, Minecraft computers and virtual reality gear. It’s all about architecture for animals!
Learn more about ZOOtropia – LEGO and Minecraft (link in Danish)

Until 13 October
Silver Coin Viking Treasure - Exhibition
Venue: Lindholm Høje Museum
Two people with metal detectors recently uncovered a truly remarkable collection of Viking silver coins in a field near Blenstrup. This unique discovery is now being displayed at Lindholm Høje Museum. Two coins in particular have caught the eye of the archaeologists, carrying the earliest written account of Aalborg. Go explore the treasure for yourself!
Learn more about the silver coin treasure at Lindholm Høje Museum (link in Danish)

1 September
Old News feat. Randi Laubek
Venue: Musikkens Hus
No news is good news – unless it’s Old News! If you love jazz, mark your calendar for an enchanting evening in the company of a formidable jazz band and the delightful Randi Laubek.
Learn more about Old News feat. Randi Laubek

3 September
Fleas on the Waterfront
Venue: Aalborg Waterfront activity square
Make a bargain – or create your own stand at this popular flea market at the Waterfront. There is room for 100 stands – and the spirits are always high! It is also possible to buy a bite to eat at the market.
Find more information about Fleas on the Waterfront (Link in Danish)

4 September
The Danish Piano Trio
Venue: Musikkens Hus
Violin, cello and piano form a wonderful trinity whenever three of Denmark’s most accomplished musicians get together and perform under the name of The Danish Piano Trio (Den Danske Klavertrio). Undoubtedly one of the best chamber ensembles in Denmark.
Learn more about The Danish Piano Trio (link in Danish)

5 September
Denmark U21 – Lithuania U21
Venue: Aalborg Stadium 
Watch Denmark take on Lithuania in a Euro U21 qualifier at Aalborg Stadium. There’s free entry to the northern stand of the stadium. Will you be there?
Learn more about Denmark’s qualifier in Aalborg (link in Danish)

7 September
Opening Concert
Venue: Musikkens Hus
World-class conductor Michel Tabachnik and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra mark the beginning of a new season by performing Berlioz, Strauss and Tchaikovsky. What a way to start the season!
Learn more about Aalborg Symphony Orchestra’s Opening Concert (link in Danish)

8 September
Dreamers’ Circus
Venue: Musikkens Hus
Folk music is on the up in Denmark, not least thanks to Dreamers’ Circus. The three-man band have received several awards and have performed at coveted venues like the Sydney Opera House. They are that good!
Learn more about Dreamers’ Circus (link in Danish)

9-16 September
Aalborg Sustainability Festival
Venue: Aalborg
Celebrating its five-year anniversary, Aalborg Sustainability Festival keeps promoting awareness of sustainable developments in Aalborg. The Sustainability Festival will be showcasing a number of green initiatives, aiming to inspire a more sustainable way of thinking among businesses and people.
Learn more about Aalborg Sustainability Festival

15 September
Franske Dansende Toner
Venue: Musikkens Hus
The masterly conductor Hans Graf will present three of France’s finest composers when he and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra perform Debussy, Poulenc and Ravel.
Learn more about Franske Dansende Toner (link in Danish)

15 September - 25 February 2018
Vilhelm Lundstrøm and the Epitome of Good Taste
Venue: Kunsten
Acquaint yourself with one of Denmark’s most famous and cherished painters of the 20th century. Vilhelm Lundstrøm (1893-1950) challenged bourgeois taste and was a trailblazer for Danish modernism. Having inspired modern, Danish designers such as Finn Juhl and Poul Henningsen, Lundstrøm continues to stir the creativity of present-day artists and designers.
Learn more about Vilhelm Lundstrøm and the Epitome of Good Taste

21 September
Virtuoso Violin Evening
Venue: Musikkens Hus
Musikkens Hus is delighted to reunite with the Swedish conductor Daniel Blendulf. To make the occasion all the more special, he’ll be joined by Amaury Coeytaux – one of France’s greatest violinists.
Learn more about Virtuoso Violin Evening (link in Danish)

22 and 23 September
Venue: Skråen
Large beers and German folk festival. It doesn’t get better than that! For the 14th time, Skråen throws down its incredibly popular Oktoberfest, with DJ Ötzi Double cranking up the German-inspired music. Make sure to dress up (as is tradition) – Skråen gives one large free draught beer to everyone who dresses up!
Learn more about Skåen’s Oktoberfest (link in Danish)

23 September
Pro Musica I
Venue: Musikkens Hus
Experience Aalborg Symphony Orchestra in small line-ups or as soloists when they perform works of their own choice. The Pro Musica concept allows you to get up close to the orchestra.
Learn more about Pro Musica I (link in Danish)

27 September
Chippendales – Best Night Ever 2017 Tour
Venue: Skråen
This is one for the ladies! The Chippendales are a sight to behold when they slowly strip their clothes piece by piece, gradually exposing their impeccable, oiled bodies. You may want to leave your husband or boyfriend at home for this one ... 
Learn more about Chippendales’ show (link in Danish)

27 & 28 September
I LOVE IT – in concert
Venue: The House of Music
Ole Henriksen, the skincare guru from Nibe just outside of Aalborg, moved to the US in the 1970s but the Danes have never forgotten about him. In fact, he is more loved than ever, and from 27 to 28 September, you can experience the incredible story of his life in concert! Four amazing artists and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra tell the tale of Ole’s grand tour from Nibe to Los Angeles; A tour, which has been both glamorous and gloomy at times, but also a tour which helped shape him into the incredible bundle of positive energy that he is today. 
Read more about I LOVE IT – in concert (Link in Danish)

29 September
Suzi Quatro & The Rubettes Featuring Bill Hurd
Venue: Aalborg Congress & Culture Center
Two music legends from the 1970s unite to bring you a smashing concert teeming with nostalgia. The rock singer Suzi Quatro and the band The Rubettes Featuring Bill Hurd will make you relive all their greatest hits – right from ‘Can the Can’ to ‘Sugar Baby Love’.
Learn more about Suzi Quatro and The Rubettes' show in Aalborg (link in Danish)


Shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg Storcenter
Aalborg Storcenter is the largest shopping centre in Northern Jutland. If you are a shopaholic, you will be pleased to know that Aalborg Storcenter includes 75 different specialty shops.
Learn more about activities at Aalborg Storcenter (link in Danish) 

Friis Shoppingcenter
Friis Shoppingcenter is a modern, two-storey shopping centre in the middle of Aalborg. The shopping centre is only a stone’s throw away from other Aalborg attractions, such as Nordkraft, Musikkens Hus and the Utzon Center.
Learn more about activities at Friis Shoppingcenter (link in Danish) 

Salling is a large department store located in the centre of Aalborg. This multiple-storey shopping facility will undoubtedly satisfy your need for shopping. Make sure to bring enough money!
Learn more about activities at Salling (link in Danish) 


Events in Aalborg

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