Family Fun in Aalborg

Aalborg is the perfect place for bringing the family together. While having fun together, you can discover the various possibilities of entertainment, challenges and learning. Aalborg is a city of opportunities, so whether you like speed and action, tranquility or simply are interested in ancient history or modern art, you will find inspiration to exciting activities in Aalborg on this page...


Go to the Zoo

When you and your family are going on a trip to Aalborg, you definitely have to visit the Zoo. Here you can see spectacular and exotic animals from all over the world in their beautiful, green environments. The city, however, offers a variety of exciting activities, and here you may find the desired inspiration...

Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is the most popular attraction of Aalborg. Here you'll get the chance to meet around 1,600 animals in lovely green surroundings. Here you can see happy animals from all over the world in the wonderful gardens.

The savannah in Aalborg Zoo

The African Village in Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo goes African. The authentic surroundings make visitors feel as if they are actually roaming the Dark Continent amongst the wildlife. The animals look, sound and smell differently than you are used to in other zoos.

Top attractions in Aalborg

Top Attractions

Aalborg is filled with so many experiences. Whether you like action related activities or prefer tranquility and quiet strolls, Aalborg offers you exactly the experience you wish for.

Activities for the Children

Whether you like action and fun or you prefer a quiet place, you will find the activities in Aalborg that comply with your wishes. 

Aalborg tower

Aalborg Tower - the Perfect Overview

If you are hungry you should try to have your lunch served in a round restaurant in the top of a tower – the Aalborg Tower – which is on the highest spot in Aalborg.

The tower bistro is raised 105 meters above the sea, and the tower itself is 55 meters high. This gives an incredible panorama view in clear weather, where you can see the west coast and Kattegat.

Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum

When Granddad was a Soldier

A visit at 'Springeren -Maritime Experience Centre' and the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum is perfect for an exciting day for all children who like submarines, tanks, aircraft and ships.

The museum is named ‘Springeren’ after the main attraction, ‘Springeren’ the submarine.

The submarine is docked so that you can climb on board, be the submarine commander and feel the narrow space and how it is sail under the water.

Faarup Sommerland near Aalborg

Faarup Sommerland

There is lots of fun for the whole family when visiting Faarup Sommerland, one of Denmarks best amusement parks. 

The Past Lives in the Present

Do you like ancient history? Do you think it is exciting to learn about the Vikings and their lifestyle 1,000 years ago, when they named the city ‘Alabu’? Then off you go to Lindholm Høje – the biggest museum in the North with an original Viking burial site.

Perhaps you think it is more exciting to go underground watching skeletons peeking out of the ground in the ruins. As an alternative, you could take a walk in a beautiful park or go for a walk in a dungeon. In Aalborg, there are plenty of options…

Lindholm Høje - viking burial grounds

The Vikings at Lindholm Høje

How did they live in the Iron and Viking age in Aalborg? What did they eat and drink? How was the everyday life and the celebrations, and what was the religion? All this is presented at the original burial site at Lindholm Høje and the Lindholm Høje Museum.

The Franciscan Museum

The Franciscan Museum

The Franciscan museum is situated under one of the busy shopping streets in Aalborg, Algade. Go underground with an elevator to see the well-preserved medieval ruins of the Franciscans in Aalborg, established around 1250.

Aalborghus Castle

Good Old Aalborg

Are you curious to know how people lived hundreds of years ago? You will here find some ideas of interesting museums and ancient buildings to visit when strolling along the streets of Aalborg... 

Into the Nature

When nature calls out for you and your family you should go for a drive at the East Coast. The beach is soft and child-friendly, and it attracts many people all year round. Or how about a trip into the Danish wilderness? Lille Vildmose offers outstanding nature and wildlife surroundings, and at the centre you can get an introduction to the area and animal life.  You can try the eagle simulator or have a train ride in the bog. A trip along the Limfjord and a visit in Nibe, the charming, old market town, is also worth a visit, as well as the marina in Nibe...

Lion cubs in Aalborg Zoo

Animals & Nature

If you love animals and nature, Aalborg is the city for you! In Aalborg you will find tons of activities for children families, where you all together can enjoy the fresh air while you visit some of the animals or take a walk in one of the forests or city parks.  

Lille Vildmose visitor's centre

Lille Vildmose Visitor's Centre

In the middle of the Danish wilderness - Lille Vildmose - you will find the Lille Vildmose Visitor Center, that offers a variety of exciting indoor exhibitions, and outdoor, in the bog, you will sense the tranquility, the scent, the sounds of nature, the shift of seasons, the open spaces, and the flora and fauna of the bog.

Flowers in the parks of Aalborg

Parks and Green Areas

In Aalborg you find lots of green areas who invite you to take a run, bike ride or just enjoy a breath of fresh air...