Art and Architecture in Aalborg

Aalborg is flourishing with exciting artist, small and large galleries and beautiful architectural pearls. If you are exploring the city you should, among other things, visit Jørn Utzon’s last masterpiece, the Utzon Center, the beautiful Museum of Modern Art, Kunsten, and artist as Lange Kunsthåndværk (Handicraft) and Lene Højlund and galleries such as Kunsthal Nord.

Architecture in Aalborg

Read and learn more about Aalborg's architectural masterpieces - both the old, the new and the renovated.

The Utzon Center in Aalborg

The Utzon Center - Inspired by the Harbor

In the Utzon Center, architecture, design and art plays together with exhibitions, teaching, conferences, meetings and culinary experiences.

The culture house Nordkraft in Aalborg

Nordkraft - A Burst of Culture in Aalborg

The old coal-burning power station, Nordkraft in Aalborgs city centre, has been rebuilt into one of largest and most impressive cultural buildings in Europe.

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg

Kunsten is in an international class of its own. It is designed by the world famous finnish architect, Alvar Aalto in cooperation with Jean-Jacques Baruël and Elissa Aalto. 

The House of Music in Aalborg

The House of Music is Aalborg's and Northern Jutland's new architectonic masterpiece but it is also a musical gathering point, that brings musicians, visitors and students together.



The House of Music

The House of Music

Welcome to Aalborg's new house of music. Here you can get many great musical experiences and enjoy the beautiful House of Music, which is one of the most impressive structures in Aalborg's recent history.

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg

Read more about Kunsten's impressive collection and find out which current exhibits you can experience.

KUNSTEN in Aalborg

About Kunsten in Aalborg

Kunsten in Aalborg houses a permanent collection of danish and foreign art from the year 1900 up till today. It also has a cosy sculpture park and an amphitheatre.

Let's get lost

Collections at Kunsten

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg has a collection of modern and contemporary art with more than 1,500 paintings, sculptures and more from 1900 and upwards.

Kunsten - Per Kirkeby

Current exhibits

Kunsten in Aalborg offers interesting exhibits with danish and international artists.

Lange Arts and Crafts in Aalborg

Lange Arts and Crafts

Lange Arts and Crafts are a combined ceramic work shop, glass work shop, gallery and sculpture garden. Ester and Benny Lange started the potter work shop in 1968 and in 1982, Peter and Lisbeth Lange took over the business. Today, the third generation has also moved in. Lange Arts and Crafts are located in the 200-year old farm with 4 houses in Smedegården, Hjelmerstald. That alone is worth a visit.

Lange Arts and Crafts in Aalborg

Artists and Galleries in Aalborg

In Aalborg, you will find a number of interesting galleries in the field of painting, glass art and much more.

Glassblower Lene Højlund

Lene Højlund

Lene Højlund creates beautiful glass pieces in her work shop, which is open to the public. Drop by and see how the whole process happens...

Street Art in Aalborg

Street Art in Aalborg

Experience the beautiful Street Art that adorn the walls around Aalborg City