Aalborg Zoo

Step into the wild at Aalborg Zoo. Hear the roar of the lion at feeding time, come eye to eye with an orangutan, watch polar bears frolic in the water, give the children a hands-on experience at the petting zoo. Experience the African savannah with giraffes, zebras and antelopes. A new predator area opened in 2012 and you can look forward to meet the rare, Asian lion and experience the Sumatran tiger playing on land and in the water.

Aalborg Zoo is Denmark's second biggest zoo and was in 2014 visited by 415.000 guests and therefore Aalborg's most popular attraction.

Animals from all over the world

Aalborg Zoo is the most popular attraction in Aalborg – here you can meet 1500 animals in lovely, green surroundings. You can meet animals from all over the world that thrive in this Zoo. Aalborg Zoo is a must.

The polar bears has made Aalborg Zoo famous and loved – read more about the popular polar bears and see them live on webcam
Camera 2 Aalborg Zoo

Besides the polar bears, Aalborg Zoo also offers a wide range of exotic and fascinating animals so visit this city jungle and have a wonderful day full of great experiences.

Polar bears in Aalborg Zoo

Popular polar bears

The polar bears are a spectacular sight. They are very popular in Aalborg Zoo because the enclosure is one of the world’s finest polar bear enclosures open to the public on land and under water.

The savannah in Aalborg Zoo

The African Village in Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo goes African. The authentic surroundings make visitors feel as if they are actually roaming the Dark Continent amongst the wildlife. The animals look, sound and smell differently than you are used to in other zoos.

Tiger i Aalborg Zoo i nyt rovdyrsanlæg

Tigers and lions in a new area

I Aalborg Zoo you can meet the rare, Asian lion and experience the Sumatran tiger playing on land and in the water in their new beautiful area that opened in 2012. See more about Aalborg Zoo’s predators here...

Just ask the animal keeper

Do you have a question about the animals in Aalborg Zoo – just ask the animal keepers. They have all taken a course in communication.

In Aalborg Zoo you should not only look at the animals but also learn about their life and the consequence that change in climate and environment has on the animals.

Aalborg Zoo wants to share their knowledge with their guests – and tell the good story about the animals. Also online you can get knowledge about the animals via webcam.

Family picnic in the city julgle

Aalborg Zoo is only 10 minutes drive from Aalborg Centre. It is not only a city jungle where you meet fascinating and exotic animals. It is also a green oasis and park where you can relax with your family.

You can for instance bring a picnic basket to one of the green areas – where you will find a beautiful view over Aalborg city. Or you can eat a delicious meal at Aalborg Zoo’s restaurant ”Skovbakken”.